My girlfriend uses me what can i do

Me and girlfriend have always had a great relationship, but over the past couple of months (9 months) it has been steadily going down hill. we are in a long distance relationship. before me and my girlfriend used to contact each other frequently 2-4 times a day. but as time has progressed we don't contact each other as much. she does not let me text or call her. she can only call me when she is free. she is constantly telling me to buy her things to the extent i have spent around $30,000 on buying her stuff in the last 6 months. if i do not her what she threatens me with breaking up or f****** another guy as a way of getting to me. so i always get what her what she wants. we try to meet each other every two months, but when we meet she is always busy and has friends over to stay so she does not need to spend so much time with me. in front of her friends there is not affection between us, as she will not even hold my hands in the presence of her friends. our s** life used to be great but now we do not have s** at all. whenever i visit her we will always go out but she has a friend with her. when she comes to my hotel she has a friend with her so we cannot do anything. she will not stay with me in the hotel as she does not want to leave her friend alone. also when we do eventually get 10 mins together when her friend is busy we don't kiss or have s**. she expects me to go down on her and make her c**, after which she will leave promptly. the last time we had s** was 3 months ago, but it was not enjoyable at all, first of all she made me make her c** first then wait an hour, after which she got lube as she said she cant get wet again put it on herself and gave me the bottle i then went to kiss her but she said no, just f*** me. i then went onto to try to have s** with her but she wouldn't let me put my full p**** inside which she usually does after some foreplay (i have around an 8 inch p**** but really thick). after about two minutes with just my d*** partially inside her she said have you finished hurry up and c**. at this point i just withdrew and said yes i did after which got dressed and went back to her home as her friend was waiting. all in all whenever i go to to visit her i end up spending about 30 mins alone with her. i really don't know what to do now@

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  • LDR don't work out very often. This is but yet another one. Yes you are getting milked and not in a good way. You best get out of Dodge before it cost you another dollar.

  • Ask yourself: "if I break up with her what's the worst that can happen". I can guarantee you that nothing bad will happen to you and that she'll either call you the worst names she can think of or she'll threaten to hurt herself or something like that. She's clearly using you and will be threatened by losing her "cash cow". WTF are you even still with this scumbag cow?

  • She's taking you for granted. If she threatens you next time, leave her. It is her loss she lost someone who's been there for her in every single way. Next time she threatens leave her! She needs to learn her lesson.

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