So wrong

On new years eve my SIL was in town for the week staying with us and we had a house full of people and kids, She was sleeping in the spare room downstairs and a buddy of mine was over, They were very obviously flirting and disappeared at the same time a couple times. Him and his wife are separated due to the fact she is...well...Crazy as a s*** house rat, Eventually my wife got too drunk and forgot about them and that's when they started disappearing together for a few minutes at a time.
Eventually pretty much everyone cleared out and my wife stumbled off to bed, My buddy Mark had passed out down stairs on the couch and i found myself standing in the kitchen alone. Stacy and James had disappeared again and i decided to go to bed, I checked all the kids and tucked them in and then crawled in with my wife, She was drunk and i was groping her and ended up stripping her jammies off but then i stopped and decided to take mark a blanket first, I went and grabbed a spare one and went downstairs, I covered him up and noticed Stacy's door open just a crack and the light on so i went to take a peek and see what they were up to.
My wife and her sister are 4 1/2 years apart and my wife and i am not lying when i say that before my wife had kids they were the two hottest girls in town, I met my wife at 20 and her sister at 15 a couple weeks later and even at that age it was obvious both of them were going to be absolutely gorgeous. Both are tall, My wife about 5'9" and her sister an inch or so taller, My wife had amazing legs, A perfect round butt, Sexy back, Big b**** and a beautiful face. My wife still has a great body but has had 3 kids and sadly completely lost her b****, They are long, Empty, Wrinkly and only half as big as they were but as i peeked into the room i seen that Stacy still has an amazing body.
Stacy and James were standing naked kissing and she was giving James a hand job while he grabbed her butt, She is a total hottie, Long dark hair, Bright green eyes and her b**** are even a bit bigger than my wifes were, James worked her over to the bed and he got on his knees and she laid on her stomach, Lifted her feet, Spread her knees and crossed her ankles and i could see her vag from behind, Completely bald, Pink, Smooth and looked beautiful. Stacy leaned in and in one move swallowed James' whole c***, He is not huge but it was impressive. Just then James noticed me and we made eye contact, He had both hands full of Stacy's hair and shoved it all the way in her mouth and held her there, She never even flinched just let him.
James pointed at her butt and gave me a thumbs up then smacked it and she pulled back and giggled, He started talking dirty to her and she was loving it, Stacy lifted her hips as he leaned over her and shoved a finger in her then started hammering her with it, they both started talking dirty and he pulled out of her mouth, Put his hand under her chin and said "I want to tie you up, Blind fold you and go get Mark so we can tag team you", She was breathing heavy and said "What?" and he said it again and she said "really?", He said "Can I" and she rolled onto her back as i leaned back so she couldn't see me but i could still see her from the neck down, She got nervous and said "Um...I don't think so..." He straddled her stomach and leaned in whispering in her ear and she was obviously getting more h****, She said "He's passed out" and James said "Don't worry, He wakes up easy" and she said "Oh god...OK".
Mark grabbed her thigh high nylons and tied her hands above her head then folded her shirt and tied it over her eyes (Almost seemed like he had done it before) then kissed his way down her beautiful body and stood up and said "Be right back" and came to the hallway, He grabbed my arm and led me to the family room and said "let's do it" i said "No i can't, My wife would kill me" and he said "She'll never find out". Against my better judgement i followed him back to the room and he went in walked up to the bed and didn't say anything just grabbed her huge b***, that was the moment my poor judgement kicked in because i realized she couldn't see anything, She was laying there breathing heavy and when he grabbed her she jumped and squealed saying "Oh s***, You scared me" James said "I brought you something".
He had both hands on her face fixing her blindfold and i put my hands on her feet and she took a deep breath moaning "OOOOHHHH God" James straddled her chest and she opened her mouth as he shoved his d*** in her and i spread her knees, He was being kind of rough with her but she couldn't get enough, She was moaning and gagging and he pulled back and said "You ok?", I leaned in and licked her perfect, bald p**** and she moaned "Don't stop" and leaned her head forward trying to find his d*** which he shoved back in her mouth. She was grinding her hips on my face as i licked my wife little sisters p****, Holy f***...What was i thinking, I lost all common sense and buried my face in her grabbing her firm ass with both hands and she wrapped her legs around my neck pulling me into her, a couple minutes in i accidentally touched her butt hole and she didn't seem to care so i touched it again and again and then started rubbing it with my thumb, I shoved my thumb in it and that was when she turned her head to get James out of her mouth and said "Oh...Gentle...Gentle".
I Licked her and fingered her p**** with one hand and grabbed her ass and thumbed her butt hole with the other, She was moaning and groaning and grinding and loving it when James said "Switch" I was nervous as i straddled her huge t*** and she opened her mouth, I probably have an inch on James and a bit more girth and when i put it in her mouth she tried to slide all the way down then pulled back and and moaned "Oh s***...that's big", I wasn't saying a word since she would have recognized my voice but James looked up and said "Wait till he puts it in here" and softly slapped her wet p**** which made a little smack, Stacy lifted her hips and moaned then started hammering back and forth on my c*** and eventually i took her head and shoved it right down her throat, She gagged and pulled back moaning "oh f*** yes" so i did it again and again, I had no idea my wifes beautiful little sister was suck a f*** monster but no matter what we did she just wanted more, I shuffled down and scooped up her amazing t***, Shoved my d*** between them and started f****** them, She would suck my k*** everytime it popped out the top, I was pinching and pulling her nips stretching them and all she said was "Oh god yeah".
James lifted her legs and put his d*** in her, He started f****** her p**** while i t** f***** her and after a few minutes he tapped me on the back and motioned to switch, I got off her and James leaned in whispering "Open your mouth" and she said "Not in my hair...f****** serious" then opened her mouth and he pulled out, Got on top of her and came in her mouth, She moaned as he did and i spread her legs, When he was done he got off her and i rubbed my k*** on her dripping p****, She was so wet and as i started to put it in she leaned her head back and took a deep breath moaning "Holy s*** that is a lot of d***" As i shoved it in her she just breathed heavy and then i tagged bottom, I know with my wife if i shove it all the way in and just hold it there she will come every time but i didn't want her to finish yet.
I started f****** her just taking my time and she moaned and groaned all the way through talking about how big my d*** was and how great it felt, I couldn't help it and came inside her but was till rock hard so i kept going and she didn't even notice, When i was ready to be done after pounding her for a few minutes while James pinched her nips and slapped her t*** around i shoved it all the way in and held it there, She lifted her hips and said "Oh, oh, Oh...F***, F***, F***" and started twitching, She clamped her thighs against me and all of a sudden flooded the sheets, She came so hard she was gasping for breath and i leaned back looking down at her p**** and she was literally flowing, and she started moaning "Ahh, Ahh, Oh s***, Oh s***, take it out, Take it out" I pulled out and straddled her huge t*** and even though she was in shock she was more than happy to swallow my second load.
James was looking down wide eyed at the huge wet spot on the sheets and when i went lip and pulled out of her mouth i got off her, he grabbed her t*** squeezing them and said "Oh my god...You must have enjoyed that", she was embarrassed and asked what happened and he told her she squirted, She moaned "Oh god, I've never done that", James said "don't move, I'll get you a towel" and she said "Untie me" thank god he didn't and we left the room, he grabbed a towel and whispered "Meet you upstairs", He went in and untied her and gave her a towel and she went to shower.
We went upstairs and were giggling and talking in the kitchen as we made a plan to tell her Mark wants to pretend it never happened since he is married then he looked over my shoulder into the open door to our room, I looked back and you could see my wife's naked ass still how i had left her, thinking Stacy would probably be in the shower for a bit i looked at him and said "Want to see the older version", He whispered "F*** yeah" so we went into our room, My wife was wasted and i had no concerns about her waking up, James looked at her ass and then whispered "S***, her ass is still great" I grabbed her cheek and spread it showing him her p**** and he smiled and mouthed "Wow, Nice", I motioned for him to touch it but he pulled out his d***, Put one leg over hers and slid it right in, He pumped her a few times and came as we both giggled.
James went back downstairs and i stroked my d*** till it was hard and then i f***** my wife and gave her a second load and she still has no idea that we even had s** that night.

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