I'm being haunted by someone

It wont stop make it stop, make it stop. my god make it stop

how the fuuuuuuuuuuuucck do i make it stop?

I need to get rid of this. HELP!!!!!!!

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  • You might have psczophrenia

  • Or worse, they might have schizophrenia.
    Buy a dictionary.

  • My mother who died a year ago hangs around the house from time to time.
    The dogs know everytime she decides to linger about. There are times they get set off by her and won't stop barking until back them down.

    A friend of ours came over not long ago. She was in the house less than a minute and she asked if we had a spirit in the house. Mom drove me crazy when she was alive and irritating me still.

  • Get a good exorcist. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Exorcist".

  • Did you do something wrong to someone? You need to repent, make it right or see a priest

  • No- it wants me get revenge

  • Pray to Jesus, don’t do anything wrong please

  • Where was Jesus when this someone started haunting OP?

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