Shower Thoughts

-The people who don’t believe in the supernatural can’t prove that ghosts/demons/spirits aren’t there, just like how the people who DO believe can’t prove their existence.

-If humans could fly, most of us would probably consider it exorcise, and never do it.

-Nothing is “on fire”. Fire is on things.

-“Strap on” spelled backwards, is “no parts”.

-Why do people say Tuna Fish, and not Beef Mammal, or Chicken Bird?

-I bet if Liberals and Democrats sat around, eating pizza, chips, and taking turns playing videogames back and fourth, they'd be best friends.

-The person that proof read Hitler’s Speeches was (in the most literal form) a Grammar N***.

-S***** Doo taught us that the real monsters are humans.

-You wake up when you die in a dream because you don't know what happens next.

-Part 1: Even if we don’t know the exact date, we should have a holiday for when the Dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid, to celebrate the end and a new beginning.
-^Part 2: What if that holiday is actually New Years, and we never knew it?

-What if the movie Frozen was made, so when people type in “Walt Disney Frozen” to Google, you’d get the movie- instead of the myth that the man himself’s head is frozen in a block of ice somewhere?

-Pictures are always square or rectangular, when camera lenses are circular.

-It’s so easy to gain wait, but takes so much effort to get rid of it.

-There are millions, or billions, of microbugs on my body right now. I’m like a mother ship.

-In fantasy: kissing dead or unconscious girls is perfectly fine. In reality: you go to prison.

-“Don’t you dare” is easy to say. When you break it down into “Do not you dare,” it sounds weird.

-Imagine when you die, you wake up in a room full of aliens, holding a bong. Someone else takes the bong from you to hit it, and another one asks “How was it man?”

-How does my brain read “wtf” as what the f***, but not lol (l-o-l) as laughing out loud??

-If Kirby grew a beard, they would be his pubes too.

-The movie "IT", is a giant ass metaphor for pedophiles/pedophilia.

That’s all I have. And no, most of these weren’t created by me. I just felt like sharing.

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  • The alien thing is some deep s***

  • Regarding LOL. It seems to be the survivor of 3 terms. rofl, socl, and lol are Rolling on floor laughing, standing on chair laughing, and laugh out loud. The effort of that one extra letter was too much once texting became popular with Blackberries and other new devices. I used and witnessed rofl used on BBS's and telneting into game and fan servers. These terms were in use before the few first person mass online game servers like everquest.

    I used rofl when I owned a Commador Amiga 500.

  • It's been years since I read the book and saw the original moview adaptation . Not the new one. That metaphor didn't come through as pedo for me.

    Steven King could be responsible for millions of people with odd personal fears. What s guy.

  • I don't agree with it completely. But i could actually see where they are coming from. "It" being a metaphor for pedophilia, that is. Think about it. A guy dressed up in a clown suit, going around chasing children. The adults can't see him, because "It" typically targets kids. "It" harasses the main characters (again, children), who all want to find a way to defeat him. Or in other words, defend themselves against their assailant.
    Another idea is maybe "It" is meant to be John Wayne Gacy?

  • Best post in years lol

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