I met a boy fell in love found out he was cheating left found out i was pregnant gave it another shot since he wouldn’t leave me alone, we fell in love again excited about our family but ooops caught him cheating again being 6 months pregnant feeling fat gross useless i gave him another and another and another chance i honestly feel stuck and i know i shouldn’t, I’m getting my s*** together so i can go back home and have a clean break. DONT STAY no matter how bad it hurts, the missing, the what if’s, it’s not worth it pick yourself up and be the bad b**** that you are and if you want a man find one who sees the value in you ♥️ A cheater never really changes.

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  • How far along are you or did you already have your baby? I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter named Berkley. Good luck with motherhood. It's amazing, trust me :)

  • Neat his p**** as hard as you can while he is sleeping.

  • It will be healthier for you and the baby for you to leave him. Once you get over the heart break, you will be so much happier. It's sad that it didn't work out, but in the long run when you are ready you will find a man who is ready to be with a woman with a child and can provide accordingly. Don't rush into another relationship. Your priority is your child. Definitely go to the court and ask for for full custodial rights and request child support. Better you find out now.. He can be a father to his child and support him/her, but you don't have to remain a couple. Crossing fingers he can step up and you two can co parent.

  • Sue him for child support.

  • Go for an open relationship.

  • Married for tax purposes?

  • I’m thinking the exact same thing

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