I wish my wife would watch me with another woman. Maybe one of her friends or even a complete stranger. I just want her to see what a real woman looks like when she's doing it ride and pleasing her man.

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  •'ll be lucky if she don't kill you but only cut off your d***...............

  • I am sick of cheats. s** cheats who have s** while wife or husband is away is bad news. they are stealing some one elses show. that is a cheat and low act. right. you don't go stealing on someone else's show. you mind your mrs and your own P's & Qs (ie, p**** pimies and queery kinks) and leave others to find their own show. not be a cheat, its quicksand.

  • Riding don't mean much hon unless its with real love. so many men think s** is the bee all and end all but it aint. look around everyone woman is a real woman riding or not dude! s** isn't the issue its you that is the problem. are you a real man enough to handle the truth?

  • I am sick of kids and people cheating transport fare evasion and other cheating people out of income or money or jobs and honest to good relationships when they should know when enough is enough! I don't believe in stepping aside for all the young people all the time, sometimes you need things too and older people then me don't step aside for me or for others so why should I for everything. I am still 40 years young as far as I am concern. I am not cheating seeing I am still single and spent too long now looking for mr right and the right job. I figure god must have me on his new goodie list and my time is overdue and paid it forward and not stepping aside for anything and everything or everyone and anyone. people didn't for me so why should I? you get no rewards being a wash over. anyway my royalties and dues are coming soon for all the positives for sure. that is how I look at it. I earnt some great income and great times ahead and some hot love and some genuine friends unlike the smarmy cheats who are all gonna get their dones and toilet punishment soon.

  • So you want to use a real woman to prove your ex? How do you not see you're playing with two people at the same time?

  • As I see, she is not good in bed. Give her a book where she can read and learn how to f*** and some wine. She will be your new dream girl!!

  • You're dreaming, chowd. Not gonna happen.

  • Sounds like the guy has a wife that wont put out or any effort what so ever. I lived that way once in my life for quite a long time. Best day of my life is when I said fine have your way and walked out the door.

  • I agree. I had the same. When I said her bye bye, mg new era started

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