Watching My Hymen Get Shredded

When I was 16 years old I had a 15 year old boyfriend and we were starting to get "serious." We progressed from "making out" to petting. I had seen his hardon - my first -- and stroked it with my hand. He had unfastened my bra, touched my b******, and kissed them as well. I remember when I was 16 I used to pretty much only wear bras that fastened in the front. It was a little challenging for him to unhook them. Believe me, he learned! He was starting to "go down my pants" when we made out. He'd unbutton my jeans and slide his hand down into the front of my panties. He'd rub the hair between my legs and touch my c***. It was a little scary, but felt good. I started spreading my legs for him when he'd go down my pants so he could push his hand deeper. He'd started to rub my p**** lips with his fingers and I'd get wet. He'd put his fingers between my lips and it felt good. Finally, one day, he pushed a finger inside of me. It surprised me and kind of hurt. When I was 16 I used tampons, but other than that, nothing had ever been "up there" before - no other guys, no doctor's exams. He could tell his finger hurt me so he stopped. We started doing this whenever we'd make out and it got easier and easier for him to push his finger deeper and deeper into me. I really started to enjoy it and I'd get so wet when he'd finger me. I got close to having an o***** on his finger a few times. I started looking down at his hand when he'd pull it out of my panties and I'd see my wetness all over his fingers and I'd see little delicate bits of skin also. At the time, I didn't really know what that was. Looking back, I know now it was little tiny bit of my hymen starting to come off as he'd stretch and finger me "down there." I must have had a pretty thick and closed hymen as a girl. He eventually fingered me enough to where it stopped hurting and only felt good. Soon after that this guy fully deflowered me with his p****. Susan F.



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  • Mine was painful and I bled.

  • My first time was somewhat painful, but good. Susan F.

  • Too bad your virgin p**** didn't bleed all over your parent's couch!

  • Dear Susan what did you feel when he pushed the head of his c... into your p... . Thank you

  • We were on my parents' basement couch. I had taken my jeans and panties totally off. We had been making out and I was wet. My boyfriend had fingered me for a while. I laid back on the couch on my back. My boyfriend keeled on the couch, between my legs. He undid his pants and pulled them partially down. He had a h******, he was pretty big. He laid on top of me and I wrapped my arms around him. He reached down and positioned the head of his hard p**** at the opening of my virgin v*****. I pulled my knees further up and apart to make it easier for him. I was very wet and he was very hard. He pushed into me and I felt the head of his p**** go inside of me. Prior to that moment the biggest thing I had ever had in me was 1 of his fingers or a tampon. All of a sudden I have this whole p**** being shoved into me. It wasn't really painful and I didn't bleed or anything. It was a little uncomfortable and very different feeling. He kept pushing until he fully penetrated me - pretty much filling me up. I started to cry and he stopped to ask me if it hurt and I said I was just crying because I had just lost my virginity. He continued to thrust in and out of me, not fast, but deeply. I would say at that point he had pretty much finished off whatever may have been left of my 16 year old hymen. He also generally stretched me out pretty good down there. I liked it but didn't c** or anything. After about 5 minutes he pushed into me one more time, really stiffened up, and moaned. I realized he had just e********* into me. I was scared because he wasn't wearing a condom. He got soft and pulled out. I put my panties and jeans back on. A little while later I felt his sperm leaking back out of me into my panties. We started doing it several times a week and I learned how to c** and started having some nice o******. I also started rolling over onto my tummy and letting him enter me from behind. Susan F.

  • Thank you Susan F for this wonderful, wonderful detail! Reading this, I felt like I was sitting on your parents' couch with you while your virginity was being taken. After reading this I had to step into the restroom and "relieve" myself. I am sure I'll read it again and again and have to do the same thing. THANK YOU!

  • Creep! Susan F.

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