I apologize right now...this may be a little long.

About 3 years ago, I went to school out of town. It was my sophomore year, and I suddenly got very homesick. I would have anxiety attacks weekly, crying and hyperventilating that I hated it there and how I wanted to go home. After that year, I transferred to a college in my hometown. I got my head on straight, applied to grad school, and got in! I'm finishing up my 3rd semester of grad school (out of town, again), and I haven't had any problems being homesick. However, I can't talk to my parents when I feel stressed out by school. As soon as I say I'm stressed out, they automatically say "don't start this again." I know I should just suck it up, but it feels good to just talk to someone about how I'm feeling, even if they can't do anything about it. Instead, my parents shut me down, which upsets me even more. My mom, especially; she doesn't see anything wrong with what she says to me. Instead of being supportive, she's just a j*** about it, then she gets mad at me for asking her why she can't listen to me without putting me down and telling me not to "start this again." There's nothing to start. I'm comfortable where I am and I'm doing well for myself, and I have no feelings of anxiety or homesickness. She knows this, yet she can't let go of the past.

I wish my mom would just listen. I'd feel so much better.

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  • i read it all and now wished i hadn't. i was expecting it to go somewhere, but no. so sad.

  • same

  • I got as far as "...this may be a little long."

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