I just can't . . . Can I?

My GF (we been dating for 10 months, since about last christmass) has started asking me to do her while she's on her period and she's getting more pushy for me to start doing that. She says her last boyfriend did it a lot and so did a guy she went out with while she was living with that previous BF. She says that sometimes her period can make her super h****, and when it happens she needs it bad, and right away, and a d**** just don't get the job done: she needs a man to hit it good and hard. I understand she's telling me that she's not afraid to cheat in order to get what she wants and needs. Especially since she was cheating on BOTH her boyfriend AND that other guy the night we met and began our relationship. I'm afraid I'll lose her to another guy if I don't start giving her what she wants when she wants it. I do not want her to move out, and the "normal" s** we have is not something I want to give up. Like, ever. I had tried menstrual intercourse a few times with a GF while I was in grad school but it was gross and messy (and ruined my bed) and I quit surrendering to her whims. I just don't think I can do that again, but I don't want to lose this woman and I can't convince her that it's wrong. And disgusting. her father (no longer alive) was Jewish (although she and her mom were never observant), so I've even tried selling her on the prohibitions under Mosaic law, but no deal. I realize the problem is with me and my attitudes, NOT with her, so maybe somebody here can help me "get over myself" or change my sensibilities about this act. If she didn't matter to me, I would just say "no" and let her go.

Oct 25

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  • Ugh... make that motha f***** room like like a murder scene. my ex gf wouldnt f*** when she was on her period and it p***** me off

  • The replies you got that encourage you to proceed are good, and you can probably safely do what she demands, but there is one significant caveat. You can do this with your live-in girlfriend because you know what she eats and drinks, what her health is like and what medications she's taking (nothing weird), and that she's not using street drugs or paraphernalia. But neither you nor anyone else reading this should EVER engage in this kind of intercourse with somebody you just met or don't know very well. As they say, "don't touch that . . . . . you don't know where it's been!!!

  • I would love my girl to be obsessed with me eating her out on her period. I've done it many times and truly enjoy eating as much of her menstruation as I possibly can. The Taste is great and when I look in the mirror I love seeing her period blood on my face. I love fingering her blood soaked p**** and licking my fingers clean.. you should see what I do with the blood soaked tampons and pads. Mmmm is all I can say, so go for it. You'll love it..

  • Thanks for the imput: its appreciated.

  • So, tell us what you do with the pads and tampons! Please?

  • By all means DO IT. she will love you for it and you will enjoy her greatly

  • Is it safe? Arent there bacteria in the menstrual blood?

  • Never mind the decorators what the f*** are you doing steady with a girl who cheated and implies she will again. Ditch her you pathetic p****, today! You should only f*** a girl on your terms, not hers. She is a vessel, you make the rules. When she's super hot from her period she can suck you better.

  • No coward, is a shared terms relationship, insecure losers like you are the problem of men, boys that can't act like men, having mature civilized conversations; you're pathetic, grow the f*** up already

  • Its just gross is the problam.

  • It's mostly the messiness: you won't get much bacteria beyond what you would with ordinary penetration. ........BUT........, and this is big........ BUT........ You obviously will be exposed to the blood-borne diseases and infections (e.g., HIV), so all the more reason to use a condom, without exception. Enjoy yourself but be careful, my man! That said, you have to consider the question from one of your other respondents. Why am I with a cheater who cheated to get with me and who's threatening to cheat again? It's a fair question.

  • Wrap up (Never EVER forget you are f****** a cheater) and hit that nasty hole like a madman!! Make that tramp bleed even worse. Tell her she is your property and you will use her like you want.

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