Poetry I want to share, but not with anyone I know

We live many miles apart
you and I,
but we still
each other.

Too many miles.
Too many.

I see you
and in
everyone I can.

Your kindness.
Your compassion.
The joy with which you fill me.

Each time I see someone
even vaguely like you
I stop,
and stare.
I have to remind myself that
you aren't really here,
that you are still
on the other side of the world.
It will be
many years
before I can see you
for real,
and it
breaks me inside.

I want to touch you again.
I want to feel your skin.
I want to hear you laugh.
I want to know that you are still there.

You have become
ambiguous in my mind.
I look for you
and so
I find you

But each time I find you,
it just makes me feel
so lonely.

I have nightmares of
you being taken from me,
and I always get there
too late.

I can't lose you.
I wouldn't be able to cope.
I wouldn't be able to live.
You are the reason I live.
Not for myself.
Not for my family.
I hate myself,
but you love me in a way that
I can't explain,
and I can't lose that.

I love you

I love you
so much.

If I had one wish, it would be that we could spend time together
whenever we wanted to.

I'm terrified.
I act like I'm fine,
but really I'm a mess.
I cry at night at the thought of
losing you.
I cry whenever I see friends break up with their partners because
I can never imagine
a life without you.

I want you to be
but I know that
you aren't.

I know that
you are depressed.
Just as you know
I am too.
I just want you to be
happy without me,
that way if I lose
the will to live,
you can still be
happy without me.

I love you,
please don't go

Feb 12, 2018

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  • Horribly familiar.

  • Sorry too hare you are feeling down. You can message me if you would like too talk and take care...

  • No, I mean this crap poetry is horribly familiar! And which part of "CONFESSION Post" confuses you? Are you stupid AND an attention wh0re?

  • Please dont think your alone in this world sweetheart. People care for you and im one off them. You can message me if you like hun. Stay safe and take care...

  • Pedo "mommy" cares sweetie... hun... hun... sweetie...

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