Wife has a baby

I convinced my wife to try out cuckolding. She finally did it and found an attractive black guy she likes.

Now she is pregnant and she is deciding if she wants to keep the baby. I don't want her to bit it's her choice.

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  • When it's born at least you will know what to name it, Chuck!

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  • Will you be in the delivery room?

  • Did you film her getting knocked up full of black bull seed?

  • I would like to know, too. I'd like to see that action.

  • If you keep it then everyone will know she’s likes BBC. It’s a signal to black guys that she’s open to s** with them. You will never have control over your wife again

  • He doesn't have control now - and never did!
    Keep the baby!
    Show the world you're married to a true wh*re!
    You won't regret it, and most importantly - neither will she!!!

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  • So will the child be having another one soon. she 13 so she better get a rocking with a p*** star

  • Do everything in your power to convince her to keep the baby. It's not the babies fault it was conceived so if she doesn't want it she can put it up for adoption.

  • I agree with ^this^ totally and completely.

  • This is more of a common occurrence than you might imagine. You seem open-minded enough and caring enough to handle the situation (I say this because you loved her enough to allow her to seek pleasure outside the marriage), so my recommendation is to give it a try. Once the baby arrives, see how it goes. Will she still love you? Will the father use the baby as a means of continuing the sexual relationship with her? Will he assume the dominant role? Will he become the man of your house? See if you can cope, or even if you enjoy the new normal. One caveat. Do not -- DO NOT -- put your name on the birth certificate as the father. And don't let her put HIS on there. Leave it blank. Be sure it's blank.

  • I'm amazed a guy would hang around like this

  • They wouldn't. Fake news!

  • My gf got pregnant through cucking, so im raising her lovers kid.

  • Fake news

  • I'm thinking fake here. Maybe the poster should look up what that actually means.
    It means you are there at conception. Just -found- a guy? Fake.

  • Let her keep it. Please. The whole situation is sexy as all f****** h***, and having that black baby and then raising it will announce to the world how sexy she is (that's something you already know, so she doesn't need to announce it to you, but the world needs to know what a magnificent sensualist she is), and how tolerant and supportive you are, and how much you love her, to allow her to keep the child of another man -- a BLACK man -- conceived during your marriage. Some people will mock you, but many many more people will admire you. Please, please, please encourage her to keep that black baby. Tell her you want it and you want to raise it with her and that you will love it, because it's part of her and you love her and you will love her child. If she aborts, your marriage will end very badly and very soon. If she doesn't abort, you will never regret it. You will love her more and longer, she will give you other children (though never forget that none of your children will be first: HIS will ALWAYS be first, in EVERY way), and you will have a dream marriage. This is the best thing that's ever happened to either of you, so please don't abandon it. In fact, talk to the father and solicit him to help you convince her. Keep him involved. Do not abort the child. I don't care about the abortion debate; I only care about you having this wonderful opportunity to raise the illegitimate child of a MAN who impregnated your wife during her marriage to you. Please seize this opportunity and make the most of it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  • Really. The whole cuckolding hog. Wow. No s** for you?

  • Dude your so full of it. Keep another’s man baby and a black baby at that just so you can be humiliated the rest of your life. Quit fantasizing

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