Am I bad

I've been married for 8 years to a wonderful man. He treats me great and is an equal partner in your relationship. We have s** enough and I make him happy as he does me. But i cant help myself. Ever since I turned 30 I have been wanted s** more and more. And my husband works out of town for sometimes weeks at a time. At first it started with d**** and vibrators but I needed more. Then it ended up with blowing guys in there vehicles. But now I have 3 separate guys coming over and f****** me. Sometimes all 3 in the same day. I let them use all my holes and work really hard to please them. I am always willing to do whatever they ask. No matter how rough or weird. A*** gagging choking I even let a guy pee in my mouth. And I my face. It was actually kinda hot. I even let them c** inside me. My husband doesn't know bit I really want to tell him and maybe get all 3 of these guys together and let them f*** me eather in front of my hubby or with him. I want to have all three holes filled at the same time and have watch of them c** in every hole. Is the bad of me to want that?

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  • Nothing at all wrong imo. My wife has had a boyfriend for a year now.

  • Where do you live?

  • Fake.

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