I'm Attracted to Young Girls

Young girls drive me crazy. Not too young, I'm talking 13 and up. They're just so small and cute and their b****** are starting to develop and you know they're starting to get sexual feelings.

I especially love them in their school uniforms. I'd kill for an opportunity to see up a schoolgirls skirt and get a look at those pretty little panties.

I'd never touch a young girl, I know my attraction is f***** up and wrong, but they're the only thing that gets me hard. I fantasise about about impregnating jailbait and I look at their photos online.

I want to say again that I would NEVER actually harm anyone, it's just my sexual fantasy. Developing girls with their sweet, untouched bodies send me up the wall.



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  • How old are you? 78

  • There's nothing wrong with having dirty fantasies about younger girls

  • Yeah your fantasies are a little f***** up but I have them too and I would love to see my step daughter and just her bra and panties or less.

  • If I had a little daughter I would make her sit on my lap and feel my hardon press against her. She would know how much I want her

  • Preteen and young teen girls are the best......

  • Well we have three daughters under thirteen and gets me hard seeing them in their uniforms and were quite open in our home and wife and i and girls will walk around the naked at home. But as said even seeing up their school skirts gets me hard..

  • How old are your daughter's,do any have pubic hair and budding b****** yet. My s/daughter is ,10 and still walks around as me and my partner do with nothing on or very little,I've noticed her paying more attention to my c*** lately and I've noticed her little nipples swelling now and a bit of pubic hair growing on her p**** lips think she is growing up,have to be careful when it's just the two of us at home partner has to work at night sometimes.

  • Are you there...

  • Are you there. Our daughters are 9. 11 and allmost 13 and none off them have hairs on their tight p****. Our eldest just got her first training bra. Her little t*** are about size off boiled eggs. What's your daughter look like and can share stories if you like. My wife does sleep overs in work also. Your daughter sound hot...

  • I'd love to hear more about your daughters, if you want you can contact me at philliprandi@outlook.com. Feel free to send pictures so we can discuss their young bodies.

  • Won't send picture thanks. What's your little daughter look like. Our eldest daughter as said has just got first training bra and cute little t*** about size off boiled eggs and a sweet bubble butter. Not a hair on her tight little p****. She's blonde hair allmost down too her sweet ass and blue eyes and cute dimples. She looks like my wife and is small for her age. My wife and i use spanking as part off discipline on our girls and i have too admit. It makes me rock hard seeing them being spanked or spanking them and watching them kick their little legs. I love seeing their little clips and pink folds and then as they jump around pushing their bald p***** forward and pulling their ass cheeks open. Their seat little girls and often sit on Daddys lap naked and our eldest can tell you all ways looks like her bald p**** is kind off wet..

  • Oh you're a naughty little daddy

  • Donald trump?

  • Sure sounds like Donnie, but we all know by now he can't type out big words like "dimples" without messing it up. Also, the stupid comment you responded to isn't quite as much of a narcissist, it's a foul little pedo that loves to leave creepy comments like this all over this site and can't decide whether it's male or female.

  • Pfft

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