SIs Bro Bar

2:45 am
Mina and I had played this game before. We had never left with another woman, though.

Tracy closed and locked the bar's doors Mina and I sat at the far end of the room.
Mina was intrigued. So was I.
The conversation had been entertaining and it was also laced with innuendo. And Tracy was a stunning young woman.
Tracy went behind the bar and brought us new drinks. She came around and joined us at our stools on the patrons' side of the bar. I was in the middle.

“I have to ask you this. I'm sorry if I'm reading this wrong, but...”
Mina knew. So did I
Tracy took a breath and finished her thought. “You two have been intimate, haven't you.”
Mina waited for me to answer.
I took a long sip off of my pint. “Yes.”

Tracy wiggled in her seat. “My brother and I played doctor once. We were so young. And he didn't know what was going on.”

Tracy took a drink and continued. “Is it great?” She gestured to me but looked to Mina. “I mean, he's gorgeous, but does the taboo-aspect add to it?”

Mina answered. “It's us. Together. We have a real chemistry. The sibling thing is an afterthought.”

Tracy kept up the conversation while circling in on a possible later night for all of us.
When Tracy went to the restroom Mina asked me what I thought.
“If you want to, I don't mind.”
“Only if you want to.”
“Yes. I do. I want her to watch us.”
“What if she wants more than that.”
Mina did not answer with the confident affect I had become accustomed to. “That's okay too.”

We went back to my house. We did not waste time. I kissed Mina. Tracy sat close. Then we all traded each other off, kissing and caressing.
Things were heating up. Clothes were disappearing. We went to my bedroom.

“I have him first.”, Mina announced.

I shed my clothes and got on to the bed. Mina mounted me and, with impatience, planted my bulbous head to her entrance. She pushed down as I pushed up. Her back arched and her head fell back.

Tracy was standing, leaning against my bureau. She watched us intently. She rubbed her c*******. As she watched Mina and me become immersed, her legs spread and she began to gently finger her p**** .

After ten minutes of riding, Mina collapsed on top of me. She knew I was still ready. With her head turned in Tracy's direction, she said “F*** her, Mike.”
Then she turned to me, leaned in to my ear and whispered, “F*** her hard, Mike.”

Tracy was already standing by the bed. I gave her room. She knelt on the bed and I immediately turned her and had her hold on to the headboard. I mounted her doggie-style. I played my c*** along he slit to check her readiness. She was more than ready. I pushed myself into her narrow v*****. She shrieked. Mina lay back with arm behind her head. Watching us. And smiling.

Tracy came apart at the seams. She screamed and tore through lists of expletives. She was climaxing in seconds.

I continued full, hard thrusts. All the way inside of her. Almost exiting, only to re-pierce her respite.

Her arms held on taught to the headboard. Her head popped up in ecstasy and dropped back down in submission. Up and down. Her euphemisms were bouncing off the walls
I could tell from her words and actions that this was 'new' s** to her.
We were shattering all of her preconceived notions of o******, of desire, of all of nature.
I was murdering the memories of any of the men she had had before me.

I looked over and Mina's face was now blank. She wasn't smiling.
I continued my hard work as I looked into Mina's eyes.
She shook her head. I nodded.
I finished f****** Tracy with a final five minute flurry that brought her to her limits.

Her hands fell from the headboard and she spilled half off the bed. I caught her and put her head to a pillow. I lay between them, my face turned to Mina.

She whispered to me, “Not again.”
I nodded.

Tracy was hinting that she wanted to stay for another round. Mina insisted that we had to be up early.
Tracy left.
Mina and I made love for more than an hour. We hardly said a word.

The next morning...
Before I even filled my first coffee Mina said, “I can't have another session like that. That girl was falling in love with you. I could tell. I can't have that.”

I sat. She knew I agreed with her. My only true love would be my sister. The beautiful woman who sat directly across the table.

Feb 17, 2018

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