My Teeth are nasty

I brush my teeth twice a day, for two minutes as directed. I even use baking soda and coconut oil as the "Spiritual Community" insists upon... but I haven't flossed for 2 months now... I've been depressed so taking 100% care of myself hasn't been a priority. Crap excuse, I know, though anyone who has ever been depressed understands. But jeez. I had no idea what a difference it could make. My mouth feels disgusting. I can't believe I used to be able to get away with this while I was in grade school before I knew the importance of oral hygiene. Going to start up again tonight because this is nasty. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't floss. There are plenty of people who forget. But has it had the same effect on you? Tell me about your oral hygiene. An odd topic I know, but I'm truly amazed at the impact one small decision can make. :-/ yuck. Also, does anyone else get those revolting tonsil stones? Oh, the shudder.

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  • About the only thing you can really do about tonsil stones is have them taken out. The tonsils, I mean. The stones will cease to be an issue.

    Receding gums are an issue for me, which I think is genetic since I have almost no plaque. There's probably a way to stop and even reverse it, but what dentist worth his 4th mortgage would do something dumb like help cure it? Dentures and denture products are money spinners!

  • There's nothing wrong with your teeth. You have body dysmorphia.

  • It is about genetics too. My wife's parents had dentures by the time they were 50. Their teeth were trash. My wife still has her teeth at age 52, but they look gnarly. She smokes and it's an uphill battle. Preventing gum disease is the biggie, because there are a lot of mouths out there that imbibe garbage.

  • Some say you should brush after every meal or drink but then others say too much brushing can damage enamel. its up to you. we all have a right to disagree.

  • I take care of my teeth and brush them to death. I go to the dentist religiously, spent thousands on ongoing dental issues. They are now beyond repair so they have to go. Just crappy teeth and gums.

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