The repair guy

I work for an ISP and have been in the field for 6 years basically since graduation, I had an offer to move to the office and turned it down since i prefer what i do over sitting in front of a computer screen all day, All of my friends have always asked if i have ever hooked up with a customer while working and sadly i never have up until two months ago.
I was called out to look at a system that was installed by the home owner and was causing grief, I arrived and was met at the door by a very attractive woman, She opened the door in her housecoat and said "Shoot, I forgot that you were coming", After a couple minute discussion she went and showered then came to me and said "I just have to run to the school for a second and i'll be back", I asked if she wanted me to wait outside for her to return and she laughed saying "Oh god no, Go ahead and...Do...Whatever you are doing" and then laughed.
She was only gone about 5 minutes and returned to check on me, She explained that her husband who fancies himself a bit of a handy man had decided to change a bunch of stuff in the basement and moved some wiring then when it didn't work started changing stuff on the media rack, Which i have to say is a quite impressive system that they have for their home audio and home automation set up but it also means there are miles and miles of wires in there. I was working and checking stuff going from this room to that and double checking things as i basically started from scratch and pretty well rewired the whole thing which took the majority of the morning, She is quite a talker and had pretty much been following me around talking my ear off most of the morning, There were a few other small electrical things she had asked about and one was the motion sensor in the walk in closet so when i was all done i said "Well, Lets take a look at that motion sensor", I adjusted it and got it working the way she wanted then asked if there was anything else i could do for her.
she looked at me and said "Can i give you a...Um...Tip", I totally had a brain dead moment and said "Oh, That's not necessary but thank you" and then she blushed and said "Um...I don't think you get what i meant" and put her hand on the back of my neck pulling my head down and kissing me. When she pulled back she bit her bottom lip and looked up at me, Now i don't mean to brag or anything but she is hot, Short, Cute, freckly, Brunette with blonde highlights, Long lashes which are fake but who cares, Blueish green eyes, freckles everywhere, her t*** are not great but whatever, She has a bit of a tummy, not much but just soft, Nice, Short legs and an ass that i could spend days worshiping, Round and firm and perfect shape, So nice i could go on about it for days, Her p**** is nice, Shaved bald and just a little bit of p*** flaps not really sticking out but just visible and a little bit of hair on her pink bum hole.
Anyway...After she looked up at me basically begging me to nail her i kissed her some more and then grabbed her ass and picked her up, She squealed and wrapped her legs around my waist as i carried her to the bedroom where we ripped each others clothes off, Literally...I am missing a button off my shirt from her. I was down to my ginch and she was down to her bra and thong when she dropped to her knees, She pulled down my underwear and then took a deep breath and let it out then looked up at me and smiled raising her eyebrows and tilting her head to the side, She wrapped her hand around it and moaned "Oh s***", Now i don't think i am Peter North or anything but apparently it's bigger than she is used to, She started stroking me then leaned in and started sucking, I reached down and unclipped her bra and she tossed it on the floor, I let her go for a minute since it really seemed to be getting her going, She was stroking and sucking fast as she moaned.
After a minute or two i stood her up and tossed her back on the bed, As i said her b**** are not great, When she is standing they are kind of like pancakes and when i tossed her on the bed they just disappeared, Half into her armpits and half absorbed by her chest but she has these big, Wrinkly nipples that were rock hard and have to be at least the size of the end of my pinky finger and damned near an inch and a half long. She is obviously embarrassed of them because she turned red and covered them, I pulled her hands away and looked at them then at her and said "Holy f***, Those are amazing" she looked at me a bit confused and said "What?", I said "Yeah, f****** awesome" and then pinched one pulling it up make her t** stretch and wrinkle.
I was straddling her waist and as i pulled on her t** stretching it out she started breathing in heavy short breaths and looked at me with almost a scared look on her face, I pulled her stretchy t*** and licked her big nipples until they were too slippery and kept slipping out of my fingers, I got off her and she was basically thrusting her hips into me by that point, i hooked my fingers in her thong and without and coaching from me she lifted her legs straight up in the air and i peeled them off, She shuffled more onto the bed and without me even touching her she spread her legs, Her vag is honestly one of the nicest i have ever seen or tasted, Beautiful, shaved clean and tasted great. I started licking her and she had her hands on the back of my head shoving my face into her before pushing me away and whispering "I want your d***".
I crawled up between her legs and she reached down grabbing me and rubbing her c*** with the tip of my d***, and she was pretty much trying to shove it in her as she thrust her hips forward but i kept pulling away only letting her just start the tip in, She was moaning and looked like she was going to start crying when she moaned "Please f*** me, I need it now" and i just leaned into her shoving it all the way in until i tagged bottom, She took a deep, sharp breath then whimpered "Oh f*** yes, F*** me hard". I started pounding her for all i was worth and she had her eyes rolling back in her head, Her little t*** flopping up and down with their big, Hard nipples, I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and eventually we rolled onto our sides like that, I had her legs up and my hands pulling her nipples as hard as i dared then i put one hand on the back of her neck and one on her amazing ass, She awkwardly grabbed her own nipples pulling them even harder than i had and i rubbed her dripping wet p**** from behind as i pounded her. She was moaning and groaning and grunting and started to shake a little bit, I took my pinky finger which was all wet from rubbing her p**** and started rubbing her bum hole, and she said "I..I don't...Mmmm..I don't like that...mmm..f***..whatever" and then as i shoved my pinky in her ass she stretched her t*** out and as her eyes rolled back in her head she closed her eyes and started screaming, I could feel her coming as i pounded her harder and fingered her ass she grabbed my head and pulled me to her kissing me then she put one hand up in the air and then stretched and twitched like she was having a siezure then looked at me and winced a few times before reaching back and pulling my finger out of her ass.
She was still twitching and shaking when she said "You have to pull out", I said "Open your mouth" and she did, I pulled out and she shoved it in her mouth sucking for all she was worth, She swallowed every drop and made sure i was sucked dry before leaning back, She didn't even take the time to catch her breath before saying "Come with me" and rolled out of bed, She stood up and grabbed the wall saying "Good god, My legs don't even work", I stood up and she led me to the shower, We were both dripping with sweat and got in, She lathered me up and got me hard then turned around facing the wall and bent over, I knelt down and spent a minute massaging her gorgeous ass then spread her cheeks and gave it a lick, She squeaked and stood up on her tippy toes and said "I take it you're an ass man", i looked up at her and said "And yours is the greatest i have ever seen".
She just moaned and settled back on her feet sticking out her bum as i buried my face in her cheeks, I know from my ex that you have to work the c*** at the same time so i did that and she only took a few minutes before making me stand behind her, I rubbed her bum with my thumb as she reached between her legs and guided me into her, I pounded her from behind with one hand on her ass and my thumb buried inside and the other pinching, Pulling and slapping her floppy t*** as they bounced all over, She only lasted a few minutes before coming again and then i said where do you want me to come, I had my arms around her from behind basically holding her up so she didn't collapse and she moaned "Oooo, you can come where ever you want" and i shoved it deep in her and pumped a load into her little p****".
We washed off and she sat on the seat in the shower, I stood in front of her trying to get her to play with me but she just grabbed it and held it saying "Sorry, I can't, I'm done", We got out and dressed then she walked me to the door in just her housecoat, We had a long kiss as i pulled and pinched her nipples and she started breathing heavy, I whispered "One more" and she said "Oh my god Haha, Really?", I nodded and put her hand on my crotch, She gave it a squeeze and said shook her head, She said "I wish but i can't". It was 2:30 and she said her husband would be home anytime so i really had to go but before i left she whispered in my ear "I'm going to jump my husband as soon as he walks in and think about you". I tried to get her number and she just said "Don't ruin it" and pushed me out the door.
I have checked every service call that has come through hoping for a return call but it hasn't happened, Oh well, maybe someday.

Feb 20, 2018

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  • Carpet cleaner guy: Please post stories of the hotter wives you've f*****. Spare no details!

  • Don't hold out hope, I used to clean carpets and i would nail some lonely housewife probably once a month or so but never did it ever happen twice except for the single mom i ended up dating for two weeks.

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