Should I be bothered

Let me start of by saying I’m 23 yrs young, male I work as a project manager in the construction field recently graduated from University. I have a little brother who is in middle school (same one I attended) I have fully grown and developed a physique like my dad muscular slim and I go to the gym a lot. A few weeks ago I attended my little brothers ceremony for smart kids. My ex kindergarden teacher was there and I took my gf of 3 Years. My ex teacher approached me didn’t hesitate to pull me aside hug me kiss my check and continue to touch my arms and shoulders. My gf noticed and she told me that my teacher was totally a cougar hitting on me. But tbh I never thought nothing of it. We argued that night of her jealous issues but I kept it going. A few days ago my little brother had another ceremony and I attended asked to leave a bit early from work when I got there I couldn’t find a parking spot so I had to park my work truck at the front of the curb appeal as I got off I felt someone tap my shoulder and say hey you it was her again my kinder teacher. She kissed my neck this time as I leaned in for a hug idk if this was intentional of her or not. But my ex teacher is a definite cougar she’s Latina no wrinkles curvy body big ass, slim thick milf! She began making conversation with me oh where do you work etc, turns out me and her sons work for the same company except I’m a project manager and they’re in the field. We walked in together and my mom and gf both didn’t seem happy. The entire time I was there taking pictures while ceremony I could feel her staring at me looking at me in a certain way. I kept it normal again. Now this time just 2 days ago after work I went to church and she saw me called me over and kissed my neck again instead of the cheek. We talked switched numbers went out to eat like “catching up” I was respectful to her gentleman etc. after our lunch I walked her to her truck said it was good seeing her and would love to invite her to my little brothers party coming soon she agreed. Hugged me again but this time I kissed her neck; hug. She touched my arms caressed my head and giggled. This woman is probably in her late 40s but looks 25. I wasn’t thinking and that night we ended up sleeping together and had s**. I f***** her like I’ve never f***** my gf before. She gives amazing head. Rode me like a pro. It was the best s** I ever had. We probably f***** around 3 times. Rough s**. I pulled her hair. Smacked her ass. Crazy best day of my life. I didn’t make it home. Lied to my gf about work by saying I had to show back up to work to handle some things so she believed me. Afterwards I realized I had pretty much pleased my kindergarten teacher. I felt different she wanted to see me again but I told her I couldn’t. Now she constantly texts my phone. Calls me or sends me nudes. After work we meet up everyday now and we f*** all the time. My gf doesn’t know. Nobody . Every time we go out sometimes we bump into her she approaches me like all the other times but I keep calm she shakes my gfs hand like nothing. She sends me nudes all the time. After our first night together she told me I have a big c***. Sometimes she gives me head in my truck or wenook a hotel. She’s a middle school teacher and I’m her ex student. Should I feel bad. My conscience is eating me up, but it feels too good to stop this I’m grown now. But technically I’m cheating on my gf. She doesn’t know anything. I find I enjoy having s** with my teacher she lets me do things my gf never lets me do. I’m good to my gf. Good guy. Never really wanted an affair but it happened. Should I just go with the flow enjoy the time being or should I just stop this and stop hurting my gf. My gf is a good woman loves me tons. Too good of a woman that I feel like crap knowing she shakes the hand to the woman im cheating on her with. But on the good side there’s no strings attached to my affair with my ex teacher no feelings. She gets to the point of buying me gifts now like shoes clothes or socks so when I get home I pretend that I bought it with the receipt in the bag. All I give her is s** and a good time. Idk anyone ever had something similar happen to them ? What should I do? Should I feel bad?? Should I enjoy her and her company


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  • If y’all both like it f*** it let her have the d

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  • Don't you DARE stop f****** that teacher. She needs it, you want it, so it must happen. You'd be depriving her of something wonderful. Keep f****** her until she doesn't want it any more. If your girlfriend objects, dump her sorry ass. You know the teacher is better for you than the girlfriend, so definitely keep it up with the teacher. And keep us posted on your progress.

  • You think this no strings..but that teacher has an agenda and it's not going to be some easy break up. When you tire of her...because you will. There is a reason why they call it the honeymoon phase...she will want a relationship. When you try to end it, it won't be pretty. She will tell your gf... there are consequences to all actions. It won't be pretty.

  • You are correct.

  • If your wife doesn’t know leave it I doubt your teacher would tell grown woman just want s**

  • Man up you only live life once

  • I say bang them both

  • The way you described her and she’s a Latina “W”

  • Enjoy that s*** who gives a f*** she’s a nice p**** looking lady big ass nice t*** enjoy the privilege

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