My grandmother surprised me, that she was a lesbian

I am going to confess about something that happened with my grandmother. I found out she was a lesbian. I was 15, and for spring break I went to spend the week with her in upstate NY. It was cold, but nice. She is an artist and has a studio in the barn next to the house. We went there and she showed me some paintings she was working on and then we went back into the back room and she showed me a painting of 'her flower'. She told me she painted it while using a mirror and laying on a bench with her legs open. Her sixtieth birthday. 'Did I want my flower painted?'

She dressed me in an Easter type dress, pink with lots of materials, white stocking up to my knees, and black little ballet slippers. No panties, laid me back on a long coffee table, with my head on a pillow and told me to hold the pose, my legs wide open. She asked me what I would do if the woodsman came and saw me like that and decided to take me like the wolf took Little Red Riding Hood. Had I had s**, except she asked it like this 'have you been f***** yet?' and 'Do you want to get f*****?'

'Think of being alone and a man in a dark mask breaks in and spreads your legs open and f**** you'. 'What about that, does that make you think?' 'Do you want it to be a boy or a man? a man is better speaking from experience'. 'Look the whole purpose of everything is right there between your legs, that little hole is the purpose of living'. 'Men kill over it, women sell it on the street'.

All the time she was talking I was laying there with my naked 'flower' and she was painting. When she got through and told me to sit up, she patted my behind and told me to go change and she would show me my flower. It was a painting of two flowers, one was a yellow flower with a bee in it, and the other was a red flower, open wide and detailed in middle was a woman's explicit female organs.

She told me that she painted flowers all the time, for the neighbors and friends. She had started back in San Francisco during her hippie stage, that's when she decided that flowers were her thing, and not some woodsman climbing all over her. 'Imagine the most beautiful girl you know, her open flower before you, you close your eyes and let your lips touch her, you extend your tongue and you know that you will always love flowers'. 'Right?'

'If it's a woodsman so be it, but don't turn up your nose to a flower'.

May 2

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  • Sodomites hate you, hate your kids, and hate the fact that you're white and heteronormative.

    All their politics is a ploy, a pastime, a way of earning big bucks and a justification to quarrel with somebody, anybody.

    Fascist, communist, liberal, conservative, neoliberal, it doesn't matter.

    They're all on the same page: they want to pollute and murder and ruin everything they touch, and scapegoat the innocent and normal people for it.

    Some are honest about it, like commies & neolibs, others pretend like they're normal people while screeching some nonsense that hasn't to do with whites or Christianity, like fascists and cons.

    The entire Republican Party is full of trannies like the Ugly Wanda looking trailer trash Boebert and H*** Erectus crossed with an Easter Island statue MTG. The whole thing is a sham. Is there one heterosexual Repug left?

    Biden is a segregationist and a pedophile, and that's no secret. Kamala is a white-worshipping brown wench who sucked her way up to Vice President. She can't improvise a single statement that isn't obvious or garbled.

    The whole thing is a sham.

  • Marcel Shihadeh you are like the bubonic plague crossed with ebola crossed with radiation poisoning. You should be in prison right now for statutory rape.

  • Ha! That is friggin insane. Awesome but insane.

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