Happy birthday

My wife and I have been married for 17 years this year and every Feb. 23rd I get to have things my way, Yes that's my birthday and once a year on my birthday she gets her chubby little butt f*****. My wife actually has a great ass, Just nicely sized, Round and firm, She has always and still does HATE buttsecs but the first year we were married I begged and pleaded for it for my birthday and now it has just become known that on my birthday i am going to stick it up her bum.
I love that she hates it and tries to get out of it every year, Every year i stick to my guns and eventually she ends up face down making grunting noises and saying "Ugh, Hurry up and c**, god i hate this, F*** i hate you, why are you so f****** hard, This is so gross ETC.ETC.ETC" while i take my time and try to make it last at least 10-15 minutes which by the end she is usually on the verge of giving up and by that time she has reached the begging stage "Please c** already, It hurts, Please get it over with, come on this isn't fun anymore ETC.ETC.ETC.".
I am not as mean as it makes me sound, I always get her face down with her jiggly little bum propped up on a couple pillows and start from behind licking her p**** until she is h**** then she works her c*** while i lick her butt until it's good and wet, Give her a little dab of lube and lean in shoving my d*** in her bum. If it wasn't for the sounds she makes it wouldn't be near as much fun and she always says it's not completely awful afterward otherwise if i thought she was actually in pain i would quit.
In conclusion i love butt f****** my wife.

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  • For my birthday, Francesca my Ex gf, came to my house while my current gf was at work and gave me the best present ever. She came over and we f***** like animals. She swallowed my fun after sucking my d*** and promised she was going to kiss her man as soon as she got home

  • Know what they say about guys who like butt s**. They are actually gay.

  • That's hilarious, I get it once a year on our anniversary as a prize for staying married to her, Just joking but seriously i look forward to that day all year and the next day i start the countdown all over again.

  • Good on you! My wife absolutely cut me off of poking her butt years ago.

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