I want to die.

I want to die. I think about killing myself every day. I hate my husband. I am being very rational and he thinks I’m just the bitchiest person in the world. If he got things done around the house since I’m the bread winner I wouldn’t be b*******. He’s gained 150lbs since we got together almost 6 years ago and he gained it all quickly within the first two years. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in DOWN 25 lbs since we’ve gotten together and he’s just so fat. People wanna say “if you can’t love me at my lowest then you can’t have me at my best” well how long is someone supposed to wait for you to get right???? It’s been YEARS. I’ve given him all the motivation/tools but nothings helping and since he’s gained weight his d*** is so small now. I hate it. We have two kids together and they’re the only reason I don’t kill myself. If I’m not here for them how will they find motivation in life to be the best person they’ve ever been. My husband is morbidly obese just like the rest of his family but I’m the one that’s so wrong... I can’t divorce him because I don’t wanna be away from my kids again. Life is terrible. It’s been terrible for the past two years...

Mar 14, 2021

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