My clueless husband

My husband is good in bed but he is not that big. Maybe 5 inches if he is lucky
I have been loyal for 10 years but a while ago on ladies night out a rugged muscular guy came over and tried to flirt. I used my usual line and said I know all you muscle guys have tiny d****. He laughed and dared me o touch it and find out
I don’t know what Happy except being drunk and looking at his face and blue eyes I laughed and rubbed his pants
It was like a snake. He reached over and kissed me right at the bar. Took my hand and walked me to his car and f the s out of me. I never came like that. I was sore for a week
I took his number and call him a couple times a week. We meet at a hotel after work or just do it in his car. I fell in love with his c***
I am 45 and can’t get pregnant anymore so I go home and make my small d*** husband go down on me. He tells me I get so wet. Little does he know I make him lick my livers c**
I hate him for not giving it to me all those years now. I can c** just thinking about my liver and his body andrugged face.


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  • I love when mum goes away daddy and I spend all the time f******

  • You have to love all this. A bunch o' perverts alleging to be ADults in a contest here like liar's poker. Who can up the ante?? Who can outwrite the rest?? As "Red" Foreman would say : "A bunch of dumbasses fabricating a pile o' crap!!" BYE.

  • My husband left on a four day trip last week. That meant four days of s** and food delivery
    The best was s** in the kitchen. He can hardly fit in me. My husband called and asked what I was doing and I told him getting fd. He thought that was funny. Meanwhile my boyfriends c was in me.
    My husband came home from the trip and I told him I missed him so much and he owed me a nice dinner at our restaurant and a good back massage. I even gave him oral. He is anxious to go away again because I treated him so nice.

  • Glad to hear you are finally getting what you need but sorry you can’t get pregnant. My girl’s pencil d*** husband thinks his 2 kids are his but my girl and I know the truth. Mr 4 inches couldnt get it done. Working on #3 with her.

  • I'm a married woman about your age, with outside interests as well, although I have to tell you that I envy what you have in your life. What you describe is AMAZING, and I'm so happy for you, so totally happy, and I really love the way you're handling the relationships. In particular, I loved the fact that you got your lover into your house and had him do you in the bed where you sleep with your husband. You go, girl!!!!! H-O-T!!!!!

  • I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s great to have a husband come home and help around the house and do laundry all the time I was satisfied by my lover. I am nice to my husband although when we have s** I know make him come really fast and get it over with. After all I am still doing it with him. It’s my weekly chore
    I just think of my lover while my husband is in me.
    And I meet my lover a few times a week really exciting and hot s**. I love his d and he satisfies me. Nobody gets hurt and I am happier at home

  • I actually was able to sneak my friend in for a couple of hours at home and did him in our bed. It was really exciting. Twice. I was so sore. He left and my husband came home and took me out for a nice dinner and wine
    I have the best of both worlds.
    I do not feel bad about this. What my husband does not know won’t hurt him. I just love my boyfriends body and his big d

  • Siorry but I am really enjoying it. And I enjoy the sore feeling the next day. Although I think I am adjusting to his size. That even makes it less enjoyable with my husband. Any women that has not had a big thick one does not know how incredible it is.
    I have no desire to tell my husband at this point. It’s just pure ecstasy. Why would I ?
    I am still spending my life with him daily and treating him as good as ever

  • My ex had a big d*** and I miss that, "sore but feels good" feeling. My current boyfriend is on the average side but he's fun.

  • Shame on you tell him what's going on. He needs too know, be fair

  • I’m about 5-1/2 inches and always thought I had good size. Am I small?

  • No just not big.

  • Thanks.

  • Yes I'm average. 9 1/2

  • No. I have a friend who is smaller and has no probs scoring. It is also a good size for a***.

  • So it my 9 1/2

  • I had the same thoughts, but never know. I guess it’s been a mixed bag for me. Some girls could barely handle my size during a*** and other wouldn’t even grunt after I rammed it in hard.

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