Should I be worried?

I’ve been talking to this girl this semester in college, she knows I like her but I know she’s also been talking to some guys here and there. I’m worried that someone whom she’s known longer may be in a better position for her to consider being her bf.
I’m afraid that I’ll be thinking I’m doing good getting closer to her then get blindsided if she gets into a relationship.
Tbh some ppl won’t come out straight and say “I’m seeing this guy” or “ me and this guy are in a relationship” so it will feel like a nightmare if she changes her fb status or pics of him and her show up on her fb and snap.. any advice?

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  • I saw a movie last night where this exact situation was a sub plot. The guy (you) blackmail a friend to do what you are doing. Get advice and set him up for spending more time with the girl he likes. Also try to drive other guys away from her.
    Ultimately the blackmailer makes a huge public request for a date. Didn't work out. The blackmailer just didn't have a chance. He had convinced himself that she likes him but needed to hear No to see the truth.
    Ask her out to do something in the daytime.

  • Ask her out on a date. You can not control how she thinks or what other people think and do.

    But you do control what you think and thinking too much about what she might or might no or this option or scenario or or or. Just forget that and get on with doing. You can worry yourself to death.

    Just ask her out. The worst she can do is say no.

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