I'm A Sugar Baby

I'm a sugar baby and i love every minute of it. I've been doing this for 5 years. I live in a house, completely paid, have my dream car, my bank account is always in the thousands, and i'm happier than I've ever been. My sugar daddy says that he'll allow a bf, if i want one. But i see no point. I have two children, spoiled rotten like they should be. We look to him as our saving grace. And all i have to do is get undressed, snap a few pictures, and give him a b****** every holiday :) I love being a prize for him, and he loves having me around. To talk to, to keep company, to treat me like a princess... None of my boyfriends would do so much as hold the door for me. And here i am, 28 and at the high of my life. I will never stop being a w****, so i might as well enjoy it.

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  • Isn't it funny how street walkers are looked down on for being wh0res, but "sugar babies" think they're hot $hit? Honey, you're no better than a s**** who gives BJs in an hourly motel room for heroin money, you just fvcked your way into shinier toys.

  • I'm 26 and have an older married man who keeps me. Car, nice apartment, clothes, money to live on. I have to be available for s** whenever he wants. That is the only requirement. I love it.

  • Some guys just aren't to smart and pay for what is free if they had any game.

  • I have a sugar baby. She is at university. She boards in my house and I play the "strict uncle" role. In a way it is a power trip for me and also a bit of an experiment with psychology. I provide her a car and food and accommodation and some spending money in cash.

    In return she has to play the part of the totally obedient teen. There is no s**. I paddle her which is a real turn on and I will m********* in private after I do that. I also require her to wear short skirts in summer and to ask permission to go out and give her other rules. She is allowed to have a boyfriend and I have to be introduced to any boys once it becomes a relationship. She has rules about study and homework.

  • Enjoy it while it lasts

  • Wow!

  • ...yeh.....hard to believe this is real.....too much.......

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