I confess I'm a 32 years old woman I'm married to my husband of college years. We both have a good financial situation. From work and stress at home to traveling for work I'm what you call a business woman I invest in stocks I have my own business and so does my husband. I surf the web a lot at night. Since I'm always away from home one night I got into sugar babies websites I'm a curious woman with an exquisite mind. I got tons of woman and sugar babies message me but one caught my eye. My husband has no clue this has been going on for 2years almost. I met my sugar baby in downtown Houston I wasn't seeking a relationship just friendship but with company and s** every now and then. The day I met her I wined and dined her she was a muscular looking young lady in college hard worker I bought her a condo in downtown Houston paid her car off paid for her gym membership phone and still spoil her. She makes me feel so much better even if we just talk it's like I have a bestie who's "gay" but a girl that I can experience things with when I'm out of town I sometime fly her first class the next night so we can spend hours together and the next morning she's off to her hometown. We FaceTime text send nudes. Etc! Anything you can think of. She's been practically in my life for 2 yrs my husband has no clue. My husband is a good man. S** is good . But I'm spontaneous. All my sugar baby wanted was financial help for college right now she's in UT studying civil engineering I paid for her school fully her dorm and until now I deposit 30k in her account every month. For some reason I find myself feeling very sexy she makes me feel sexy and I love it. My husband in the other hand is on the other side of the world maybe worried about his next business deal. So am I but a different deal ;)


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  • Over the years ive met Cougars and sugar daddies I believe in this stuff at first I thought this was surreal I thought who would spend their money on a total stranger but then I thought well if it a multi millionaire and in this case your making tons of money from stocks and your business your income expands, some want just someone to spend time with haters will hate but when you have money you have power that noo else expected or thought they had. For example my dad went to med school and eventually made it to a surgeon he earns maybe a bit less Han you but he met friends of high power and tons of money was wasted on hookers drinks etc and some would notice the other world in life and they'd spend time and money on sugar babies crazy how it exsists

  • I don't believe,this confession I real

  • Agree. A successful businesswoman is able to form legible sentences.

  • Holy s*** that's crazy


  • Successful business wealthy woman!!
    Can do whatever the f*** she wants its your money ma'm

  • I'll be looking out for a muscular girl in a UT shirt now lol

  • I bet your one hot thang! So basically your sugar baby she's lives the good life ehh. Hey do what you want life is just a mystery

  • I pay for her dorm because she's studying in Austin her condo is in Houston tx when she has time to go home visit or stay in her home place she has her condo ..

  • Why would you pay for her dorm if you bought her a condo also?

  • Best of luck on your business stuff and props to you and your sugar baby maybe you can write a next step stage 2 to this in a few months or a yr just to see how things are I find this interesting

  • O m G! That's so sd derive and spontaneous this is awesome hopefully you and your baby enjoy it while it lasts

  • Wow. The older I get the less surprised I become.

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