Drunk sad thoughts

Life can be so hard. Idk how at only 20 years old I've gone through so much but s*** happens I guess. My thoughts eat at me, my past still haunts me no matter how many times I try to convince myself otherwise. I've seen many counsellors & psychiatrists & nothing has helped. No medicine or coping mechanism has helped me move on. I feel like I'm broken & theres no fixing me at this point. I could go through a huge list of the things that have happened to me but I won't do that, all I wanna know is how do I let go of the past? How do I stop dwelling on things that can't be changed? I just wanna let go & move on. :(

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  • Write it down, then set it on fire, in a fireplace or can (be safe) with this. Get mad and know life will be beautiful when you stop trying to figure out why others hurt you. Most likely, they were hurt also.

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