Religious girls who never marry

I briefly dated a girl who was religious. She was what we would call a prude. She wasn't that fun to be with and I really though my time with her was wasted.

I quit calling her although I felt bad about it I saw no future with this woman at all. She called me and wanted me to go with her to a concert but afer that it was over. I never called her again.

Out of curiosity, I looked her up on the internet and she was living alone in a far away city never having married anyone. She is nearly 70 now

Anyone here ever meet a woman like that?

Mar 13, 2018

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  • I dated a very religious girl when I was 19. She pursued me, which was a bit odd for me. Most of the time I was asking for dates. She came from a wealthy family--I was very middle class--and it was a bit odd.

    She was a bigger girl, but very, very pretty: beautiful face, big t***, and more ass than you could imagine. I so wanted her. She was anti-premarital s**, so I never got far. I was in my prime, so i was thirsting for it. She didn't want to go there until we married, if that was even a consideration. As far as we ever got was me seeing her down below and doing some touching. She wouldn't go further. We broke up and I started dating someone who was not a religious nut. She was 8 years older than me, but we've been together 18 years.

  • I went to high school with twin sisters. I asked one out to the movies but was told the only way she could go is if her sister went with us as she wasn't allowed to be a lone with boys. Weird as it seemed I liked her so I said ok and the sister came a long. I eventually met her parents and it was like a cult religion they tried to suck you into joining. I stopped seeing her after that. Fast forward twenty years , I go back to my home town for a funeral and the twin sisters are still living in their family home. Neither sister ever married or left home.

  • I dated if you can call it that a girl from a religious family. Her parents were really really strict.

    Before any date even if that was during the day going say for a walk I had to call and ask her parents permission. Her parents would make the decision for her. She then had to do whatever I'd gotten permission to do. No s** mind you ever but actually I did not want pre marriage s** either.

  • I dated a girl who'd been a pretty serious w**** in high school: the only guys who hadn't f***** her were the ones who didn't ask. She and I started dating during our sophomore year in college. It lasted about 8 months, and she was the best piece of ass I've ever had. She was still f****** around then but we were living together, so I was getting more of the p**** than anybody else was, and I was happy (even with her out cheating on occasion). We got pretty serious and even moved in together. Then, suddenly (like over the course of two weeks), she found religion, and the f****** was over. I actually loved her, and I would have stayed except, like I said, no more f******. I pressed about it, told her I did love her, but I wasn't ready to marry ANYBODY (not just her), and so she kicked me out and broke up with me. She moved away in the middle of the fall semester, and I've never seen her again. I found her phone number a few years later and called several times, hoping to try again, to reconnect, anything. But she never returned the calls, and then that number died and I lost her permanently. That was nearly 25 years ago when I last tried to contact her. At that point she was still unmarried. Such a waste. She would have made a great wife, and she certainly could have kept her husband involved. The girl could f*** like a dream.

  • Yes. I've known the same type religious woman. About the same age now, never moved out of her mothers house and remained there after her mom died. I believe it's the only place she has ever lived and never dated anyone in her life. Kind of sad.

  • Yes it is sad.

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