Possible Cheating or Overthinking

I don't trust my boyfriend. I don't want to admit this but I think he is cheating. At least, emotionally. He goes on social media a lot where his harem of women friends hang onto his every word. I think he likes the attention even though he swears it's for voicing ideas. He has a lot of friends who are women too which admittedly I'm not comfortable with and I know that is my own insecurity. I'm not the only woman on the planet. I get that. Today, I texted him from an app number because my phone service cut off. He asked who it was. As a joke, I told him to guess. He refused to. I can't help but think it's because he is afraid he will say the wrong name and get in trouble. This man has given me no reason not to trust him, other than the shameless flirting he is apparently oblivious of. And yet I feel I am being betrayed somehow. I could use some sincere help and advice. I wasn't sure where else to go.

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  • You didn't do the fake text for a joke you did it to check on him. All sounds pretty much like high school games to me.

  • Your too insecure love yourself first before anyone !!!

  • It depends. If he's spending time texting and socializing with other women friends when he should be spending time with you, it is time to make an issue of this and tell him to roll it back. But let me be clear: he's thought about f****** most, if not all, of them. He's a guy.

  • Tell him get off social media ASAP or it’s over
    Trust me

  • Confronting without proof when you tried to construct a trap on him and he didn't bite. You still condemned him.

    Emotional cheating? What the h*** is that? Imagination is cheating to you?

    It's a toxic relationship right now. Either commit to it and accept the consequences and fall out if he clearly cheats and he never planed for it to work, or break up now.

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