I really don't understand..........

..........Miley Cyrus. She went from being this very nice and talented and pretty and funny little girl to being a walking POS and a cheap w****. How did this happen? I have no idea. But I wish she would go back to what she was before.

Apr 2, 2018

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  • I kind of respect Miley, especially after she said incest is hot in a German interview. I thought that was very brave. Good for her!!!❤️

  • Eventually she'll be a prostitute. Like Hannah Montana, but a lame singer by day and a trashy h***** by night.

  • Same with Bella Thorne. Apparently, the Disney Channel is training up a lot of whores. Bella is huge trash bag.

  • Tramps. They are all tramps. Stop worrying over them. They will all soon be gone, and no one will miss them.

  • .....goes double for that ho ...........arianna grande...

  • She has a God-given talent that is immense. She could do more, she could do better, she could be bigger, she could have the world at her feet. But she is wasting her life and making mistakes with every choice she encounters. She's already begun the slide into obsolescence, and there's no reason to think she might ever survive it. In five years, no one will know who she is, and five years after that, she'll be dead.

  • Because s** sells. She is making more money now because you know who she is. Most people didn't know who she was before.

  • To my way of thinking, this is always who she was.

  • ....agree............she was always a w****......always.....................................

  • Miley is wonderful, in every way. EVERY way.

  • If her parents had off brought her up proper and continued spanking her and showing her the right ways. Then the girl would have had more morals. It's why my husband and i use spanking as part off discipline on our children...


  • She's trash, raised by trash, and that's what trash does.

  • I blame her parents. Billy Ray is only modestly capable of taking care of himself. He's never done ANYthing to really "help" Miley or guide her: he's only used her to make more money for himself. He's a Grade "A" sack.

  • SHe was making big money when she acted like that. That's why. Go, Miley.

  • She has a talent. Money should follow her. She shouldn't be following money.

  • Amen!

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