I enjoy bullies.

I like it when I’m bullied or demeaned by people. This started a while back when I was at a school on the bus and a kid in my year who was about twice my size sat on me he I couldn’t breathe properly and he only got off after I put my finger in his ass then sucked on said finger. From then on he p***** on my in the showers he dunked me in toilets pantsed me and sat on me. Now after this happening repeatedly I’ve started liking it and now I beg him to do it and he makes it worse. I’ve stripped infront of people been beat up sat on by him while he was naked sucked his d*** and pleasured him (he started calling me his b**** boy) I can’t stop the only way I can sate this craving without going to him is RP now this is gonna sound weird but if anyone’s in any social network I’ll make an account if they want to RP as a bully to stop me doing it for real.



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  • Troll post. Yawn...

  • Runningbirdshook@gmail.com. if he can help Emil this address .he the beast at rp

  • That is sad. you need mental help.

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