My father helped me

I was in high school and I had recently started dating this guy at my school we had been dating for 3 months and he asked me to come over to his house after school I accept his offer like usual and met up with him after school we just layed on his bed watching a movie when the movie was over he asked if he could touch me and I said sure so he started to rub me down there and it felt really nice until he shoved a finger inside it hurt so bad I literally cried when I got home my moms boyfriend kept asking me what’s wrong why I was crying and walking funny so I told him that I was hurting down there and he told me to go take a bath and when I was done to call him so I did as so when I was done I called him to my room and he asked me if he could make it feel better and i was confused on what meant but I followed his reply to drop my towel and lay down he slowly rubbed my private it felt like I was going to explode it felt way better then when devin did it he started to suck down there and put a finger in me I felt so overwhelmed I never felt so good in my life he kept going until juice came out he then cleaned me off and thanked me for letting him help me I’ve never told anyone till this day and I’ve never had an o***** as good as the one I had that day.


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  • When my father got home from work, my mom used to hand me a condom and tell me to go take care of my father. I would go and see him and hold out the condom. I would take off my panties and lie on his bed wearing a dress. He would put the condom on and I would have to lie there while he f***** me. Then I would get up and put my panties back on and go and help mom prepare dinner like nothing had happened. It was never talked about. I never said anything to anyone. I actually did not feel bad or good about it. It was like an easy chore.

  • Best part about dating a woman with a young daughter is the daughters bald p****

  • We DPED mates 8 year old sister site s** holes harder than we every tag teamed a child

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  • On suggestion of my Mom my wife would help her out with my potent father. I knew about it and accepted it. My father and my wife were together when I was at work and on weekends, especially Saturday night there was a little tap on our bedroom door and my wife would disappear for a while to the bedroom of my parents where both of my parents would enjoy the youthful qualities of her latina daughter-in-law. In the first few years my mother also made sure that my wife would spend the nights with them during her fertile days and gave birth to two beautiful sons in those years.

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