I make my wife describe to me how she would get f***** by a bunch of guys in various situations. She jerks me off while we talk about her getting f***** rough by big d****.

Apr 4, 2018

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  • My wife always tells me about the time we broke up for one night and she f***** a group of guys. She was mad because I f***** a woman at work. She realises when she tells me I c** so hard and so quickly. She then laughs and tells me I'm a 10 second shooter and then tells me more about the night and I get hard again so quickly and I f*** her so hard.

    One time she made me c** 3 times in 20 mins by jacking me off while f****** and sucking a black d**** way better than me. She even made me lick the d**** clean. S***.

  • If you want to talk dirty about your girl, inbox me on k.i.k id Ken_Daddy01

  • Guys if you want to talk dirty about your girl, Here's my ID and I'll add you if you're a cuck. Ken_Daddy01

  • Really want to g******* my babymomma I've teamed her with strangers but never more than one I want me a four others on her

  • My wife showed me a video of her sucking on her ex's d***.

  • That would be so hot, would love to watch how my wife was before we met

  • Wife got me off last night telling me about how she rode one of her ex boyfriends c**** in the back of his car, before letting him unload in her p****.

    Video would be great :P

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