I miss my bestfriend/lover

This guy moved across the road from my house when i was doing my 1st year in undergrad. We became REALY good friends, he would come over to my house we would hangout for hours!!
We talked about everything, from if aliens exsist to far way lands we want to see.
Ive always wondered if there was something there, if im the olny one wondering.

After my undergrad i went to capetown for 3 years, we kept in touch but not as much as time went on.
I met someone else in capetown, and fell madly in love, after 3 years of dating he proposed and i said Yes!
My finance and i moved back home across the street from my neighbour.
I got back in touch with my best friend but things were not the same anymore, we had to be mindful of my fiance.

One night my neighbour told me that he has always wondered about us, if we could have ever been anything.
Thats the night our insanely addictive affair began. So much Chemistry, we would have sensational s** and have deep meaninful conversations, it felt right, it felt like thats how love should feel. It engulfed me completely.

Meanwhile i had my loving finace there for me and excited at the pospects of us being married.
The affair lasted 3 months, i had to end it even though i didnt want to i had to end it because i still love my finance.
I cut all communication with my neighbour and avoided him. But i knew that i couldnt avoid him forever. I ran into him today after 2 months and we talked like no time has passed i hadnt felt that way in a while he makes my heart smile and i cant stop thinking about him. I miss him. I miss him much

This my sound silly but at the same time i am still in love with my fiance.

Apr 6, 2018

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  • Same thing happened to me e crept the woman I loved had a kid with someone else and it
    Hurt me so much . I was the idiot to not be honest and let her know I had a kid from a past relationship a toddler at the time. She was okay with it but when I finally turned around to ask how she was doing she was pregnant and ended up moving back to her home state. We could’ve been married I was young & dumb to not realize and accept that’s what Love was. Now I’m 25 just got my degree I work and distract myself from things but now and then I’d wish I’d have the b**** to ask how she’s doing . It’s that one person you know your just better of as it is. Let go

  • No new confessions - again!

  • Maybe you need a threesome

  • I had the same scenario many many years ago. We still to this day keep in touch but we both knew the timing with our life events didn't allow us to marry.
    We now call each other back up wife and back up husband should something happen to our current relationships. Sometimes it just isn't meant to be.

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