My wife & I just celebrated our 20th anniversary .. The way I see it is that Ive been good 95% of the time and the other 5% has been naughty .. I won’t get into detail but I can say that marriage has definitely taught me that nobodies perfect ..

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  • Including your spelling. Well, nobody's perfect.

  • 1st wife morphed into her mother and was a frigid b****. She wondered why I cheated?? Second wife took care of business for 20 years now. After I got the cheating bug out of my system shortly after her I quit being a serial cheater. That is a good thing but I still carry the regret of ever going behind her back.

  • .........the way I look at it....if she was taking care of you at home you wouldn't have to cheat...but she is so NOT taking care of you......shes not doing her job........ so in reality....she is making you's HER fault ...... you know its true....

  • I'm coming up 25 years. For 23 years I was 100% faithful. Endured her cold shoulder. Supported her in all her endeavours. Picked her up when she was down. Yes she supported me at times so not all over way. Very lonely though.

    Marriage counselor after marriage counselor and all I did was search to try and work out what was wrong with me. Did I smell? What were my manorisims that she might not like. Why was she so cold, distant, unengaged. Why did she always have time for work, others and nights out with her girl friends.

    About 2 years ago I started to look around. A year ago I gradually started an affair with another lady. It's so hot. She's everything my wife isn't. I reckon the marriage has just a few months to go.

  • Omg, gf’s will always be sexxier than the wives that’s the whole point to having one .. in my opinion were suppose to live life & enjoy the ones who make you happy .. therefore f*** the rules, limits, & everything else that tries getting in your way ..

  • I wonder why the girls go cold

  • 20 years is 7300 days which is 175200 hours and 5% of that is 365 days ie 8760 hours of being naughty. Or look at it this way one whole year of being naughty

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