Spying on my hot neighbor in her bikini

My old neighbors had a pool. I could clearly see it from one of our 2nd floor bedroom windows, since trhey pack these houses into our neighborhood. I used to spy on my neighbor's (really cute) daughter while she was in the pool, in her bikini. I actually jacked off many times, watching her, while she was laying out next to the pool...

She had multiple, really small string bikinis (the kind she probably shouldn't wear any public pool), and whenever I knew she was out there, I would grab my binoculars for a close-up of you, since I was still about 25 feet away. Every once in a while while laying out, she would open her legs, for a clear view. I never saw her actual p****, but there's no way she didn't shave fully clean all the time, since her bikini pretty much just covered up her p**** slit.

Just writing the story, has made me start j********** again right now.



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  • Did you ever think to take pictures?

  • I did, but deleted them after I jerked to them a couple of times (for fear of my wife finding them)

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