Old black woman

I had a friendship with an old black cleaning lady at a hospital where I worked as a young man. She told me this story and I thought I'd pass it on.

She had grown up in South Georgia which back in the early twenties when these events happened racism was rampant.

Despite this when she was a little poor black girl she was able to maintain a friendship with a middleaged white gentleman. Her memories of this man were very fond memories so here's what they did together.

The man was a former air force pilot during ww1. He flew a Spad in combat and was either shot down in combat of shot down the w=by ground fire.

He survived the crash but had sustained severe injuries via the bullets to his legs and lower torso. This left him with a severe limp.

He could only find work crop dusting. He had an old bi plane from the war and after he was through with his job he would ride this young black girl in the plane with him. They would fly all over the area and he would do acrobatics and scare the H*** out of her. She was scared to get in the cockpit with him but she never failed to do so when asked. She saw plenty of sights for free. Something she was never able to do again.

The man got old and died and she cried the hardest at his funeral.

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