My girlfriend's sister

I need to know if my gfs sister (21) fancies me (26), so I'll just start by saying what she has done to make me wonder this.

1. She's constantly commenting on my body and wolf whistling when I have no top or trousers on.
3.She's always making flirty remarks.
2. Ever time she's round and i go to get changed she walks in on me, the last time I told her I was going to change my underwear and she walked in as I'd just taken them off but then apologised after staring for a second and leaving the room.
4. She's constantly laughing when i say dumb s***.
5. She wears really revealing clothes when she comes over.
6.She always seems to want to spend time with me when my gf is not around and im not at work.
7.when we sit next to each other she makes sure her legs always touch mine/ she used to sit on my lap if i was laid on the sofa.

I'm extremely attracted to her and have had several fantasies about having s** with her but I'd never physically do anything, I just need to know if this is all harmless or should i have words with her.

I'm at work on a break writing this on my phone and I don't usually write much so I apologise for any grammatical errors.

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  • Why not get nude and save the guesswork.When she comes over her clothes come off and are left at the front door.

  • Sounds like she is very curious at the least and enjoying the teaseing

  • Ur so f*cking vain, what do you think "increible hulk?" I think ur full of f*cking s*** to be quite open with you.

  • Sounds like she's having a hard time keeping her clothes on if you ask me

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