School girl

I love to dress as school girl in navy blue pe knickers and be spanked

Apr 22, 2018

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  • I have been to Garth house in llanbradach and got a nice red bottom and legs and will return again very soon

  • I love spanking my daughter.....

  • I am very interested you like spanking your daughter .I enjoy spanking my daughter and others at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales .do you spank on the bare bottom otk I do you get hard when giving a spanking I do .it been a busy week with the kids off school and parents still going to work .they leave kids with me.i charge them .I took some of them swimming .

  • Gareth hyde is still available for spanking

  • I want you

  • Yes I want you otk where you live i live in llanbradach south Wales

  • I,ll have to bring my granddaughter down to meet you she is getting very cheeky and I think she needs a bit of discipline,I'd love to see her over your knee with her panties taken off and spanked on her bare bum until she is pleading with you to stop,do their bums get really red when you discipline them ,is it better on their bare bums?

  • I would love to get her knickers off and spank her how old is she?

  • Merry Christmas all welcome to my house in school st llanbradach south Wales door 56

  • I done that lots of time she 12 great fun we both enjoy ourselves at my house in school st llanbradach all welcome this Christmas 2018 door 56

  • She's that okay

  • You welcome at my house in school st llanbradach love to spank her otk

  • You welcome to my house in llanbradach bring her with you bare is the only way I punish people I live in school st can't wait to see you both

  • I know Gareth Hyde he lives opposite my daughter school and look after her for daughter says he has spanked her otk . my husband not happy but Gareth Hyde is still active at his home opposite the school door number 56 school st llanbradach south Wales

  • I still spank my three daughters and son as part off discipline..

  • I love to spank them

  • I to enjoy giving someone a good spanking otk .I also enjoy someone giving me a good old otk spanking
    . my grand daughter is always in trouble when she visits my house I sure she does it on purpose to get a you spank on the bare bottom like I do

  • How old is your grandaughter.

  • You there and how old is she and yes i spank them bare...

  • She is 13 and I spank bare she thinks it fun . but I don't spank others bare they not mine.they kids I sit till parents finish work as school opposite my house in school st llanbradach south Wales

  • In my part of the world, UK, boys were caned on the bare bottom in the headmaster's study and in some schools girls were caned too with knickers down nut by a woman teacher even in their period.

  • Same here in south Wales but not sure about the girl on period.i notice that the girls at school opposite my house in school st llanbradach have started wearing shorts over their leotard.they look stupid it spoil the leotard.

  • How old are you..

  • I am 50 live in llanbradach

  • Sounds like your the type of person that would be into ageplay role-playing

  • Yes I do enjoy role play of any age at my house in llanbradach
    But it not always role play it the real thing

  • Mmmmm young bald p**** so hard not to try and peek a look if you get the chance. Loll

  • I don't need to peek I get the full view always

  • Omg how old

  • Look up the school opposite my house in school st llanbradach south Wales for that answer door number 56

  • Lol ok what do the girls flash you.

  • No I look after them while parents are at work during school holidays or after school or before school in term time .they off now big holiday period

  • So how do you get a full veiw

  • Spank them or shower them after swimming pool

  • I was at work and a girl was in her nighty.

  • Oh in the school. Can’t they shower themselves then

  • Are you stupid when they not at school and are in my care do you live in Wales the north are the stupid ones but saying that stupid ones live in llanbradach to I got one at number 54 next to me

  • Most people in llanbradach know me and call me the local pedo lol I don't care as long as o I get paid each week

  • How old.

  • I 50and spanking mad my house number is 6 more than my age you welcome to join the team

  • No thanks

  • Your loss my gain having busy time kids only been off one day .

  • Ok not into spankin them.

  • Bet you are or you not be on this thread I see by your ISP you are in my area of llanbradach

  • I visited Gareth hyde in llanbradac he great fun and a b***** good spanker I visit weekend and stop at his house in llanbradac Wales school st 56

  • Just nice to look

  • Boring looking touching more fun

  • Yes especially toddlers

  • What just spanking a bear bum

  • You need to learn to spell bare not as you spell your spelling is for a animal . guess they did not learn youhow to spell in borstal lol.who said just spanking a BARE bottom?

  • Lol so what are you touching that’s so much fun.

  • Didn't they teach you anything in borstal not even s** education
    This not the place to describe things
    I enjoy golf and the many holes .it gives you pleasure filling the holes come to my house in llanbradach south Wales school st I learn you ?

  • Lol I don’t think it’s for me. But nice to see a juicy little p****. Now and again. If it’s on show.

  • I agree I love stroke p**** or give it cream

  • Had a few friends at my house yesterday . they live in black wood
    .if any one wants to come to my house in school st llanbradach Wales my landline and mobile number is on the web my house is 56

  • Come to your house for what

  • A social event and drinks and help with trip out taffy

  • What’s the entertainment.

  • Various games like spank the donkey guess the colour you know the games you play to

  • Guess the colour mmmm what’s that.

  • Knickers or shade of red lol.the idiot next door at 58 cause I live at 56 school st llanbradach says I peado so what everyone in llanbradach knows me I don't hide my details they all over the web lol even my landline number and mobile all available to the world

  • Well if you want to wear knickers it’s up to you.

  • Not me you thick taffy the females wear them

  • Oh what’s the females look likes and what knickers do they wear.

  • Some white some pink you never know what going otk

  • How old are the girls

  • Look on web for school in school st llanbradach Wales where I live you get your answer but you should know you live opposite that school

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