Not sure what to do

I am a 14 year old girl and I baby sit on a regular basis for a family who live near me. They have two girls, aged 5 and 7, and a boy aged 12. The boy is ok until the young ones go to bed but then he starts doing and saying things of a sexual nature. At first he was just saying rude things, then he started to expose himself to me. Then the other night I came downstairs after putting the girls to bed and he was sat in the chair, in just his vest, and he started masturbating in front of me. No matter what I said he didn't stop, he just thought it was funny. On another occasion he urinated in front of me. I don't want to stop babysitting because I need the money, and I couldn't possibly discuss this with his parents, so I will just do my best to ignore it. I've talked with my friend about it and she just thinks it's funny too, in fact she's even said she'll babysit with me so that she can see him do it.

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  • OK so I haven't babysitted for a while but I did last night and my friend came too. When the young ones had gone to bed my friend and I sat on the sofa and the boy put on his show. He took off his clothes, peed into a plastic jug, and then jerked off while we watched. My friend was laughing and encouraging him to do stuff, and asking him all kinds of crazy things, like whether he's ever wanted to sniff a girl's panties and stuff like that! It was good fun, nobody is being harmed, and nobody is doing anything they don't want to. Oh, and I was wrong about him being 12, he's actually 13.

  • Can I babysit with you and watch him j*** off I would love to watch or help him

  • Why not give his wrist a rest, and give him a double-header with your friend ?.

  • He wants to f*** you.. I say go with the flow . Like getting paid twice lol

  • Why would a 12 year old be babysat by a 14 year old ?

  • She's fourteen and he's twelve and either way I'd never allow my daughter baby sit a brat like that..

  • Whilst there is a lot of concern on here for the girl it seems to me that after some initial shock at his behaviour (possibly) she seems quite happy to watch the boy strip naked and then m********* and urinate in front of her. She has not extended him any sexual favours, there is no evidence of physical contact, or even any evidence that she has exposed herself to him. In other words she is controlling the situation, and in her latest post she even states that the boy does what she tells him. So he may have initiated the situation, but she is now ensuring that it carries on. She is even proposing to bring her friend along to watch. This girl is playing the lad like a banjo and she is enjoying it.

  • I'd do bought off them..

  • The English language is tough, but you can get through it with thorough thought though. ;)

  • You should stop babysitting there, the 12 year old sounds like a psycho. You should tell his parents too

  • I've being trying too tell this child this and report him too his parents..

  • Go for it. Show him some skin while he is masturbating. And tell him to do it in front of your friend. You may have a willing s** toy there. That way you can get an education in the physical nature of s**, and you can educate him in how to please a woman.

  • If you're feeling helpless, put the act on camera as a proof while he does you will have something to save your tail...just in case something goes wrong.....No matter what do what is right don't flow with emotions...this is a very crucial part of life watch it....

  • I don't feel helpless, just the opposite. I am bigger and stronger than him even though he is a boy. And he does what I tell him, I could get him to do whatever I say. There is no problem. Also my friend is coming to babysit with me next time, so we'll have some fun. Lol.

  • Hey do you have discord?? I'm of a similar age and female. I understand exactly what your going through. We should definitely talk though.

  • My discord is Spartan#1785 by the way.

  • Are you on the pill

  • She's a child..

  • What dose that matter, children can f*** as Well

  • You aint got kids..

  • Please baby girl and do not let your hormones take over and realize your just young. I truly care for you and wish you were one off my little girls sweetie. I'm not a prude and know your hormones are all over place sweetie. Please give me a chance hun. I'm a mother as said and Im still able too feel emotions and some stuff your going through. Your worth so much more sweetie and I'm saying this from bottom off my heart. You are a good girl and have an amazing future ahead off you. I'm concernd for you baby girl and sorry your insulted by my messages too you. But it's done in love sweetie and as said in posts earlier. If you stop being mad at me and I'm here and ask me what you want and once again sweetie I'm sorry for calling you a brat and stuff. I know you are a sweet girl and huggs you princess...

  • He wants your p**** hun

  • Get lost this is a child...

  • She wants a hard c***

  • Please leave this post as this is a child..

  • I've being trying too explain this too this child and by her not telling his parents. She's either going to end up in serious trouble and cause this boy too have serious issues with girls and women when he's older. As said i know what I'd do if she was my daughter and the brat was my son..

  • Give the baby's dad a hot b******* and welcome him inside your tight teen p**** <3!

  • This is a child and their minors. Stay the he'll away from kids. They need protecting...

  • Go for it - let him lick you and (if you want to) let him f*** you. You are plenty old enough to have s** with him. I watch the little girls smoking blog, and there are women who have turned their daughters into smokers at ages 4 through 12. And most of them after their daughters started smoking the girls started having s** with each other or with their boyfriends.
    One woman named Belinda has 10 year old twins who smoke and have s** with each other and with their boyfriends.

    Get some condoms if you decide to go all the way with him - you don't want to get pregnant by him, and I'm sure you don't want to ask his parents to supply condoms. If you want your girlfriend to watch him m*********, I'm sure he would do it in front of her if you asked him.

    Do you smoke? If you do, get him started too.

  • I agree get some c***

  • Take it you have no children..

  • You know what, just f*** him darling

  • Hope you got out of it..Years ago, when my nephew was hitting the point of not needing a sitter, but..Per divorce agreement, he was to have one, the girl who was with him for a few years, stopped doing it. Wasn't until I ran into her at a sports bar (she'd turned 21 not long after stopping), that I found out why: Not only was he a wise-ass, which I was fully aware, but..Had held her down on the floor one night, saying he was going to rape her.

    We agreed that he wouldn't have known how to do that, but, she did say just having him hold her down like that, and so confident in what he was saying, scared the h*** out of her. Told me she really couldn't move her arms because he had her pinned, and his weight on her legs pinned those, too. She told me she never wanted to go through that again, and, divorce agreement or not..Wasn't going to put herself in that kind of possible harm again. What if he went through with it?

  • OP. I won't be posting again. A big thanks to those who made proper comments. No thanks to the perv who calls me sweetie and is always taking about smacking bare bottoms, I pity your children you weirdo.

  • You are best to tell his parents. i have personal experience with this. don't let it continue

  • I'm the OP. I babysat last night and talked to him. He said he does it because he fancies me and has been having fantasies about me. He said he wouldn't do it in front of his sisters. I'm flattered by what he told me but he is 2 years younger than me so I don't want him as a boyfriend. At the same time I've told him that I won't tell his parents and I'll watch him if that's what he wants. He asked if I would show myself while he does it but I said no. I've thought about it and I figure it is just what boys of his age do. I get extra money from the people I babysit for if I do certain chores, so we agreed that he would do those for me if I watch him. My friend thinks it's funny. I told her that last night he did it standing in front of me just wearing his socks and she laughed. So although I was a bit shocked by it at first I'm now cool with it. My friend said that if it was her should would be more than happy to let him do it. Nobody is being harmed so why not.

  • If you will show your naked body to me I will j*** off for you too, I would love to c** in your panties too

  • Are you there hun. Please don't listen too these morons...

  • "Sure, I *could* bring this up with the parents and address the issue right away and set this kid straight before his parents turn another monster loose on the world.... but why do that when I can sit here and endure his horrid behavior and feel rotten all the time?"

  • I don't feel rotten all the time.

  • Brat...

  • You have a very bad attitude little madam. Your panties would be off you for sure if you were our daughter and would be a sorry little girl..

  • Why am I a brat?

  • Hi baby and please do not listen to these morons. But I'm asking you too stay off places like this..

  • You for real sweetie. He's a little brat and you are a little madam also. I'd smack the bare buns off bought off Yous. Stop being a little brazen brat and behave yourself sweetie...

  • I'm not doing anything wrong.

  • Im sorry sweetie. But as said I've daughters and yes you are doing wrong. You are allowing this brat to m********* in front off you. You and him bought need your bare bottoms warmed sweetie. Your very lucky your not one off my daughters baby girl. As you would be sleeping on your tummy for a long time and grounded along with other punishments..hugs

  • You're a weirdo, always going on about bare bottoms ... and I'm not a baby girl or a sweetie so stop calling me that.

  • You are just a child and you know what your allowing is wrong and that's why you and him should be spanked sweetie..

  • I've read in lots of places that masturbation is normal, so he is not doing anything wrong. Also I cannot stop him from taking off his clothes, I cannot stop him from peeing in front of me, and I cannot stop him from masturbating. I don't encourage him, he just does it. Anyway most girls would watch a boy m********* or pee if they got the chance, so I'm not doing anything wrong. My friend says she would, and that it is just to do with being curious about the opposite s**. Anyway, if you must know he said he would like to lick my p*ssy, but I told him he couldn't even though I would like to know what it feels like, and other girls that I know have let boys do it to them, even girls younger than me. So why should I be spanked, I'm actually being very good.

  • If you want it licked or know any yunger girls that do I love licking hairless p****, I will j*** off for them too if they want to see

  • Listen too me sweetie and I'm not trying to give you a hard time or be cruel. I'd be concernd for you as i would if you were one off our daughters hun. Your still only a child and off corse your curious and your body's going through changes. Now please listen too me sweetie and just because your friends and girls younger you said allow things too be done to them. Does not make it rite sweetie. You man not be able to stop this brat doing what you say. But your letting him away with this behavior sweetie and you should tell his parents. Even the way you speak here hun Is wrong. Your telling us this boy said he wanted too lick your privates. Talk too your mom, aunt or older lady about being curious and what you posted here. Including what boy said too you also and how you said you would be tempted sweetie. Like I've said hun I'm realy not trying too give out. But I'm sure any other adult you know and spoke with would agree. You are way too young sweetie. This is why I've said and you don't like it. But if you were one off our daughters and did that and spoke the way you are. Then yes sweetie I'm sorry. But you would be sleeping on your tummy and grounded for a long time with loss off privileges. Same would happen too that boy if he was our son and he would get it worse. Please sweetie and remember I'm saying this only out off concern. Please be carefull and say this as a mom off three daughter. I'm sure your a good girl sweetie. But can you honestly tell me hun your parents would not ground you, spank you or give you some sort off punishment if they knew off this. Please, let me please take care sweetie and if your not too mad at me you can post back and have a discussion on anything you would like too talk about. As said we have three daughters and Im concernd for you sweetie. Hugs mommy off three...

  • A girl that I know has a friend who does 'pornstar poses' for her boyfriend while he masturbates and tells her how much she turns him on. Imagine that!

  • Everything is under control. He is two years younger than me and he does what I tell him. I know that now because I've spoken to him about it. If I told him to kiss my feet he would do it. So it is not a problem. He does these rude things because I turn him on, and that makes me feel good. I like knowing that he masturbates while thinking about doing rude things with me. Everything is cool, I know what I'm doing. He even does my chores while I watch TV and I get paid for it. I might even let him lick my p**** because I want to know what it is like. Don't tell me what to do because I'll do what I want.

  • Brat..

  • You realy are a cheeky madam and bold brat. I do hope your parents find out what your up too and the filth that you speak sweetie. I'm telling you now your bottom would be red raw. How dare you speak too an adult or anybody the way you are. You are a little girl and have nothing under control. You can't even be honest enough sweetie and answer and say if your parents knew what you were up too they would discipline you also. You need your panties taken down and bum warmed...

  • I'm surprised that you've had three children, you seem so stuck up that I'm surprised that you've ever had s**. I bet you've spent most of your time spanking bottoms. Do you spank your husband's bottom as well 'sweetie'? I bet you do ... ha, ha, ha.

  • Don't listen too this hag babe. I'd love too lick your p**** also. I'm 16.

  • My 'bum' is already warm thanks ... ha ha. Do you like spanking girl's bottoms because you seem to talk about it a lot. lol.

  • I'm not a little girl, I'm nearly 15 and I have the body of a woman, a body that turns him on and that makes me feel good. I enjoy watching him w*** and I'm glad he does it, and I don't care what you say because it isn't anything to do with you, you're not my mom. And if I take off my panties it'll be to let him sniff them while he wanks ... ha, ha, ha.

  • OMG!! take your panties off and let me sniff and suck the crotch while you watch me w*** off, I know your 15 yr old body would turn me on too

  • Yes your parents will find out one day sweetie and yes hope they blister you bare bum. Your acting like a selfish brat and just because you think your all grown up. Your still a child ok and a bold girl at that. I don't care how grown up you think you are. Your a minor and under age and just a Spoilt little girl and how dare you speak too me or any adult like this. You would not see your friends for a long time sweetie and a spanked bum would be least off your worries. You would not be taken your panties off as I'm sure you would not want your friends or anybody else seeing your red little buns sweetie. Your parents must let you away with murder. Yes you realy are lucky your not one off my daughters as I'm telling you now sweetie. A few months in our home would stop you in your tracks. Keep your panties up unless it's for your mommy too spanking your little girl bum..

  • Stop calling me a little girl, little girls are six or seven years old, I am nearly fifteen and my body is developed.

  • You have no right to tell me what to do. It is my body and I'll do what I want, and if I want to watch a boy pee or w*** I will. He will do whatever I want. I'll get him to lick my p**** if I want and it's nothing to do with you. I have a woman's body and I have a right to get pleasure from it, so butt out and mind your own business.

  • If you let him lick your p****, he will not stop and force you to have s** with him eventually. You are playing with fire. Once a man is h**** and hard, he will force you and you do not what that to happen. You might get pregnant. Just because you have a womans body doesnt mean you should be doing only what a grown and mature woman does. You are just living for pleasure and not being responsible enough. You may have a womans body, but you are not mature enough in your mind to know what is right. This boy is corrupting your mind and you will turn into a s** crazed s***/w**** soon. He is acting sexually immoral and you will be too if he licks your v*****. Trust me you dont want that. It will ruin your life and lead you to h*** literally. The Bible says this...

    1 Cor 6:9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous[b] will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,[c] 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

  • Im the mom who's being trying too get through too this child and Im scared for her. Spare the rod...

  • Thank you for trying to talk some sense into her. She obviously is letting her hormones do all the thinking for her. Shes in great danger, pray for her too.

  • As said too this child I've daughters and think I've came across too harsh. But she's still a little girl and same age as one off our daughters. We never like too punish our daughters. But I'd rather ground them and spank them or discipline them in other ways that you can see them hurt. Kids today feel all grown up because off pressure put on them through media and alot off stuff and in reality like this little girl. Theirs millions more children under same pressure. My girls are know angels as said. But their loved and know they can come and talk too their daddy or myself and they have. Have Yous children and myself and husband and girls attend a Christian church. We do bible studies during week and our girls are involved in different church activities. Our daughter as said who's same age as this child a few months ago was getting out off hand. Copil off times she had ditched school and was cought drinking and smoking. We are not silly parents and all children go through phases and temptations. But after several warnings and talks with our daughter. Nothing seemed too get through too her. It was defffinetly time for a more direct approach and it had being a few months since she had being over my husband's or my lap. But given my daughters situation and lack off respect. My husband finally gave her a spanking. She's realy being good since and I'll add in her grades and general attitude have improved..

  • I raised my daughter in the church and she is very sweet and humble and has never given me a problem when it comes to drinking, smoking or drugs. I raised her going to my Bible studies i used to teach and retreats from church where she definitely felt the presence of God and wept tears of joy. Shes in college now and is still a great daughter with such a delightful and loving personality. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. I just wish she went to church more and had a closer walk with Jesus so I pray for her always. Prayer is powerful!

  • I feel now I'm a bad mother and maybe too strict. Yous seem like a wonderfull family..

  • Why do you feel like a bad mother? Its better to be strict than careless like this 14 yr old girl were trying to help. Just never stop praying for your daughters.

  • I don't know and guess I'm just feeling bad how strict I'd came across too this little girl. I know she's a good girl and just like rest off youth and children now off days. They face so much temptation. But thank you and I've felt bit bad at times I've being so strict....

  • Say what you want sweetie. But yes you are a little girl who thinks she all grown up. It's quite clear you need discipline and boundaries sweetie. I'm at least hoping your in bed by 9.30 on school nights. Stop being so check sweetie and I've told you I'm not trying too be mean. But all children need discipline and boundaries..

  • I am not in any danger, he is 12 and I am 14, so even though he is a boy he is smaller than me. Also he will do whatever I tell him, like I could tell him to suck another boy's d*** and he would do it!!! Ha Ha. He just wants to please me. When I babysit on Saturday my friend is going to babysit with me, and we will have some fun with him. No parents need to be told because no harm is being done to anybody.

  • Please baby girl and listen too people who are giveing you proper advice. Your worth so much more sweetie and as said if you will stop being mad at me I'm here sweetie. Hugs too you baby girl and mean that like one off my own daughters sweetie..

  • We're you from...........

  • Like I've said sweetie I'm here and wish i was your mommy. You are a good girl and don't let your hormones take over sweetie. Yous are still minors and yous are bought young. I've said Im sorry baby girl. You are a good girl and have toufgh choices sweetie..

  • You sound like a rite little madam and could do with a sound spanking. I hope your parents find out you have being on here and beibg cheeky and give you a good bare bum spanking sweetie. Because if you were one off our girls that's what you would rescive every evening with early bedtime and grounded. Also your TV and other stuff would be taken off you also sweetie...

  • How am I being cheeky?

  • You know darn well your being cheeky sweetheart and stop with this behavior. Stay the he'll off places like this as I've said to you sweetie. It's a pity your mom or dad dont keep eye on you and see what your up too. You clearly need a sound bare bum spanking by your mom or dad and even both off them...

  • Weirdo.

  • Let's put this in perspective, seriously. Masturbation can obviously begin at what may be called a premature age. To that point, I distinctly recall masturbating many times when sitting by myself with the t.v. on or when sleeping with my older sister at the age of FOUR. It was embarrassing, however I was also caught in the act by my second grade teacher more than once in the classroom [age 7]. Obviously I had to stop however you comprehend the concept. IT is not a learned behavior.

  • I'd say suck that little hairless d***...

  • No way.

  • Why not and has he got hair on his little c*** yet. Would you send me pictures off you bought naked. Have you got hair in you school girl p**** angel and ware a training bra. I'd love too se you in your school uniform.....

  • I still don't believe 12 year old will m*********...

  • He does.

  • Actually, many 12 year old kids m*********

  • You boy or girl and Im 11 year old girl and play with myself couse my uncle showed me and feels nice

  • I want to watch you doing it, I will w*** for you too if you want

  • Im 11 and Im a girl and play with myself

  • I masturbated since I was 6, watching hot women both real and anime, not everyone has sexual defect as a kid like you do, and masturbation is common at very young ages, bilogy and medicine supports it!

  • Woah, 6? thats a bit early

  • Hi Im eleven and do it and my dad showed me when made my communion and feels reeeeealy nice

  • I started at 6 or 7, as well. XD

  • Well Im a girl and eleven and touch myself. Are you boy or girl.

  • From a guy's perspective: He definitely has a crush on you. Kids often don't have the guts or the sense to act appropriately. He's trying to seduce you, I'm sure. I'm sure he'll keep doing it if you give him any encouragement. He just doesn't have the maturity to do it the right way by trying to kiss you or cuddle you.

    If you want to do things with him, smile at him when he starts to m*********, or tell him it's OK. If you tell him you like it, he'll keep doing it. If you told him your friend would like to see him do it, he'd probably do it in front of her the next time she's there.

    If you want to stop him, the only way to do it would be to threaten to tell his parents. Even that may not work if they are liberal and don't mind him running around naked or masturbating.

    Please ignore the trolls on here - you're going to have to develop a thick skin in order to post on these blogs. You ought to see the troll postings on "little girls smoking cigarettes". I had to threaten to get a hacker friend to crash his ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get him to stop. So far it seems to have worked.

  • Would be nice too see them bought naked...

  • He obviously has no idea of how to behave around a young woman. He needs an education in how to behave if he wants to seduce a woman. You might start by having a discussion with him about what girls want - respect, cuddling, kissing, Kids get s** education in school, but not how to treat the other s**. I would bet that his parents are not openly affectionate in front of their children. You might want to watch some "chick flicks" with the kids and comment about them showing the right way to seduce a woman.

  • They bought need their bottoms spanked..

  • Hi hun.....

  • You there sweetheart...

  • These are morons prescious and please stay off places like this. I'd kill anybody if you were one off my children and they spoke too you like this. But you are to young sweetheart too be on sites like this. I do think you should speak to his parents. It maybe hard or embarassing sweetheart. But at least you will be honest with them. Wish could hugg you prescious and you are things will be ok. Please as said talk too his parents and meant to say. Tell your own parents first or an adult you can trust. Huggs sweetheart...

  • Hi, I'm the OP. He doesn't do these things in front of his younger sisters, he waits till they're in bed. And I couldn't tell his parents, I think I'd die if I had to do that. My friend babysat with me last night and he didn't do it, so it is obviously something that he just enjoys doing in front of me. She said it might be that he fancies me or he enjoys seeing my reaction. She also said it is no big deal, nobody is getting harmed, and that she would quite enjoy having a boy do these things in front of her. She said it is something to tell the other girls at school. She suggested I discuss it with him, so that's what I'm gonna do.

  • Will you send pictures off yourself in your school uniform and posting and naked. Would pay you too let me spank you...

  • You there babe..............

  • Ignore these morons princess and stay away from here. Could you talk too your mother or another adult sweetheart. I'm begging you angel to stay off places like this. Hugs from a concernd mommy xxx

  • You there hun...

  • Don't call her that she's clearly said she doesn't like you people calling her hun, sweetie, babe, doll. Stop it because that is not okay

  • I'd love too see you naked with him. Have you hair on your little p**** and have you got a training bra. I'd love too see you also in your school uniform and strip for me. Fourteen years old and bed you have a tight little p**** and budding b******..

  • You sound like a weirdo.

  • You want me too tann your bare bum. Your still only a little girl. I've got nieces and nephews younger and older than you and have and still get their little a**** warmed by me....

  • Hi Angel. Please stay off this post. There are some sick people and Im a father off four children. If anybody spoke or looked at my kids the way their speaking too you. I would rip their heads off. Please angel stay away from places like this. You are only a baby...

  • Hi baby girl. If there's not any harm going on and your in charge off him and his sisters. Has he hit puberty yet and wondering if you said you will spank him if he does it again and make it on the bare and make sure it stings sweetie. Bring your hairbrush or use his mom's one. I'm a mother off three. Hugs baby girl xxxx

  • You sound like a weirdo too.

  • I only want your little school girl p**** and have you even got a hair on your little v***** or real books. I want too take you over my knee and give your little girl bum a good smacking. Show some one your little body........................

  • Answer people back when you ask them something. I'd smack the bare bum off you if you were our daughter and so rude...

  • I don't go on this site other than for this post. I found this site just because of my situation but I don't look at it every day. And if you want to smack my bare 'bum' you must be a perv.

  • Stop being cheeky sweetie. I've daughters younger and older as said. You are a little madam and need your bare bum smacked..

  • Well nowadays kids don't like being beaten by their parents and that can be considered child abuse if you beat them enough

  • It's discipline sweetie and called a spanking...

  • I want you sweetie badly. Bet your like my niece and have little books and no hair on your little p****........

  • Love to see your niece's hairless p****

  • Know hun I'm a mother and you need too have respect and yes if you were one off my daughters I'd smack your bare bottom for being cheeky...

  • You there hun..

  • Do you want to suck his hairless little c*** baby doll. I'd love too put you in your uniform and put you over my knee..

  • Perv.

  • And you're asking here?

    On the off chance that this is true you should absolutely discuss it with his parents.

    At 12 I had no idea about s** and I was still wetting my bed. But you're saying this kids masturbating Infront of you. And he's in a house with two younger girls.

    So you must tell his parents and I'd suggest your own parents and I'd tell a counselor at school. It's secrecy that lets perverts and abusers thrive.

  • There's no way I can tell me parents! And I can't tell his parents either. He doesn't do it in front of his sisters. To be honest although I was surprised the first time he did it I've been thinking about it I'm cool with it now. After talking to my friend I've decided it is just a boy thing.

  • Good girl....

  • Best advise I've seen. TELL... SPEAK UP. Who knows how many girls, young and/or adult ladies you'll be saving.

    Ask yourself how bad you'll feel if sometime in the future you see on the news this little s*** attacked a woman and you said nothing?

    You may need the money, but monies not everything but having a clear conscious is.

  • He's only a kid and she should pull his hairless c*** to dry orgasam. I do it with my preteen nieces and nephews..

  • Is everyone a perv on here?

  • Most of them, yes.

  • You one..

  • Don't listen too these perverts chicken. But please talk to his parents..

  • ^so totally true^. take this^ advice. every word of it. you must tell the parents. even if they fire you or blame you or both....they need to know.

  • I concur. You'd be helping the boy too, as being a perv isn't a great life. Stopping it at a young age is the best solution in my opinion.

  • Suck him off chicken..

  • She should suck his hairless c*** and I'd spank her for being a bad baby sitter...

  • Put him over your knee and spank his bare bum. He's being a brat and needs his bum left red raw..

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