I like my cousins feet

Yeah, kinda weird. But i dont care. This started when my cousin came to live with my family for a little bit. I was really into feet, i hated feet so much in the past but for some reason now i cant keep my eyes away from them. During school, Eating at restaurants, anywhere. Anyways. My cousin was living with us for a bit and i always stared at her feet. She was quite a bit older than me though. When she would go to the gym i would always smell her panties and j*** off. Damn it was awesome. I took pictures of her feet and everything. She left after a bit though so the fun was over but it was cool while it lasted. She has a boyfriend now and lives at her own house so i dont see her as often. But she has a sister, (which is also my cousin), and she is so hot. She has a nice ass, nice t***, and feet. Well, her feet arent that nice but just knowing that those feet go with her hot ass body got me so hard. I took so many pictures of her feet and ass, she always wore these sandals that looked so good on her. Once she stayed the night at our house and was wearing those same sandals and g******* i couldnt keep my eyes off her. Im not much of the guy to smell feet, i always thought that was really weird. But this changed my mind. She went to sleep and left her sandals on the couch, i smelled them. Oh man it was awesome, i dont intend on having s** or anything with her but jesus christ if could i would any day. Well, thats my confession. lmk what ya think.

Apr 23, 2018

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  • I love worshipping my sleeping cousins feet

  • I love sucking my cousins toes while she sleeps it’s so fkn sexy

  • I suck my cousins toes while she sleeps and they taste so good

  • Same

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