Came in pants

I've c** in my pants a few times but usually as the result of frantic heavy petting and humping which has resulted in me getting so aroused that I've spunked up because I just lost control in the moment.
I've only e********* once without touching because i got too excited just looking at the smoking hot minx that made me spuff my load.
I fancied the a*** off my neighbour and fantasised about her nightly for ages, she loves to flirt because she knew it drove me nuts and I got a raging b**** in front of her more than once and she definitely noticed the bulge I had. I had the most intense erection when I caught her bending over in the garden in a short tight skirt and then I saw the sexy purple French knickers she had on that made her a*** look so damn hot, I felt some precum oozing out and my c*** started to throb like I'd never experienced, I kept gazing as she flashed the sexiest booty I've seen then it was all too much for me and I lost control.
I e********* a full load of s**** in my pants without so much as a stroke!
I've never been that turned on since.
I had a wet dream over her not long after that , just remembering her sexy bum in her saucy knickers made me c** again didn't even dream I was having s** with her.

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  • Ignore the haters lol,when I was in my mid 20's I was in Amsterdam and naturally was h**** all the time,one eve i met a random chick in the square and was asking for directions and somehow we ended up kissing, that with the hornyness inside me made me shoot my muck in my boxers😃 i didn't let on that i had,just cleaned myself up in the pub toilets.
    No shame!!!!

  • Https://

  • LMAO!

  • You came in your pants. How could you have so little self control.

  • Just too turned on!

  • A girl at a party grinded on me whilst I was sat down, like a lamp dance, as she got up and down, everyone could see I was hard, then she lifted her ass by my face, her skirt rode up, I got a whiff of her p**** and when she slammed down on my d*** I shot my load so hard. Everyone laughed and it started to show through on my sweat pants. It was so embarrassing until after what seemed a lifetime, she knelt down and sucked my d*** clean in front of EVERYONE. All the laughing stopped and now I'm a legend!

  • Ah so much fun when you're a teenager. The intensity of dreams. Later the effects even of just kissing. I used to go to bizarre lengths to contain the mess because when I had a wet dream the c** used to go right up onto my chest and make my pyjama top wet and sticky. I was so totally embarrassed because my parents would ask me questions infront of my brothers and sisters to make sure I had not sinned by masturbating. I would wear a singlet tucked into underpants under my pyjamas. But they were totally intense dreams.

  • I used to have the same. I wasn't forbidden masturbating but I was really embarrassed when my pyjama top was wet and sticky. I'd wear my Speedos and do the string up so my p**** couldn't poke out when I got an erection and wet dream when sleeping at night

  • Good gawd grow up little boy

  • Heyo dude what's wrong with being sensitive? Nothing is! So chill

  • Aww do we all have to hear about your salty sore v*****? Maybe keep that to yourself princess xx

  • What would your mother say!

  • That's A lot of words

  • Do you breathe through your mouth?

  • You lost me at “knickers”

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