Beat me

After a 20 year relationship of mental and lately physical abuse I feel like s***. My wife after making me feel low by insults actually punched me numerous times in her last tirade
Even chased me with a knife
Now I just want to find a man to abuse and beat me so hard. Punch. Kick. Choke. I want to feel pain. Bad pain. I even wish my wife caught and stabbed me. I would love her for it
I would love to be beat to death.

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  • Everything that has b en a problem was my fault. That’s all I hear. She has no respect for me. Would have stabbed me. Hit me with h a wine bottle. I really wish I would die and be done with this.

  • Women are as big of abusers as the worst men. Scream. Yell put us down. I don’t make enough money. I didn’t plan well I don’t fix things right. Rvrn commercials today make the husband a moron.
    I hate her now. Shows me no respect because she has none for me. This after paying the majority of everything for years. Now ya d times and I am a bum.

  • My wife is dominant in every aspect except s**. After multiple years of being submissive to her I gradually started begging her to dominate me sexually also. She refused. Since a couple of years I found me a Mistress on the side who ties me up, beats me with a belt and f**** my ass with a large strap on d****. My wife is ok with it all. Finally I have a fulfillling s** life.

  • Interesting to hear that your wife is dominant in all areas except s**. That is like my wife. She's got no interest in s**. She just lies there with her hands beside her and I have s**. I actually hate it. She sees it as her duty to give me s** but it is always when she decides. If I try to initiate s** she'll delay and then I can't get it up.

  • So nice to hear. So hot.

  • We constantly hear in the media about men abusing women. It's terrible. But we don't hear about the women who go cold on the blokes. Who quietly belittle. Suck the life out of the guys.

  • My wife talks equally. Parenting together but everything has to be her way. If I try to discuss anything with her she'll accuse me of criticising her. I don't know why I'm a part of this. Maybe it snuck up on me. I didn't realise and now my spirits gone.

  • My EX sucked the life and spirit out of me like that after 17 yrs and I was a strong willed hard working guy. And she was shocked when I walked away??
    I remember the evil smirk on her face when she said someone gave me the strength to do this. FC !!!

  • I’m ready to walk away. My daughter is off to collage September. I will just split. Try to find my worth again. Let her ruin another life

  • I feel the same

  • I want to just stop lay down and stop never get up again. Stop. Is that possible? I wish it. So many obligations. Expectations

  • Obligations. Duties. She sets the agenda. I follow along.

  • I want to be hurt. Bad. Tortured. Left in a cold place and treated like garbage. Not a human. I am not a person. I am not human
    If I die that way so be it. I am dead already.
    A living zombie. I hate myself I have no hope

  • I really wish I could find someone to beat me so hard. Just pound me to death. I feel so worthless. In body I am so strong. Think muscular. In mind and soul I’m weak. I want my pain to end.

  • I'm what is known as a submissive husband. My wife is totally in control. She decides everything from what I wear to eat to s** and punishes me. Sometimes standing nose to wall. Sometimes extra chores. Sometimes the belt. Sometimes she has be stand with my hands on my head and she kicks me in the b****. And I just accept it

  • Are we submissive by nature or just abused till we become that way.? I get a comforting feeling thinking of getting totally beat up

  • I think I was gradually beaten down through being ignored and this was like a pathway to some kind of intimacy

  • Yes you are right.

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