Is he the one who got away? Or should I still keep looking?

I met someone online and we had been talking for a few months. We texted all the time, literally 24/7. He was the first person I texted in the morning and the last person before bed. He was just the most respectable, honest and funny person I had ever spoken to.

He’s just so different than any guy that I know. The whole time we were talking, he never made any uncomfortable or flirtatious comments. Which I think is quite rare in men, he was just so respectful of me. Eventually we would start talking about our future, family, marriage etc. And I came to the realisation that he is exactly the kind of person I liked. His personality and traits was exactly what I wanted in a partner and I couldn’t help but think what if he was my soulmate.

However we began drifting apart and slowly stopped talking. I am not saddened by this as I have found out that he has started dating someone and I am happy for him.

But I really liked his personality and just how he was in general and so my question is, do you think I will find someone like him? Do men like him even exist anymore or is he just that rare? Did I let go of someone who could have potentially been my soulmate? Should o keep my hopes up for the next person who comes into my life?

I apologise for the length of this post. I appreciate every one who read this and anyone who has commented. Thank you! :) :)

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  • Yes we do exist, Im currently taken. Though i did a couple of these 'dog responses' when my partner and i first lmet. But I asked her if she would be okay with me saying them beforehand. It really isnt hard to be respectful of people in general. Sadly for your situation, it took you too long to admit to yourself that you were interested in him and by that point he had moved on because he never got that feeling from you. On his end he was probably too shy to ask you out on a date, theres respect and then theres fear of not taking a chance. He probably felt that you valued your friend ship over dating him so he never took that chance and someone else came along.

  • I think the people in the comments misunderstood the post. she is asking do guys with this kinda personality exist anymore since 'nice guys are rare'. she liked how he spoke to her and that he probably didnt give dog responses which is probably what she is used to, since even she said its rare. shes not sad that hes in a relationship but shes sad that they dont talk anymore. well in my opinion nice guys do exist. if you found one guy like him, youll find more like him. dont dwell on the past and just remain positive that someone will come into your life and treat you, talk to you and make you feel the way this guy did. stay positive and remain open to new people :)

  • You really didn't know the guy as you never MET him, hung out or dated to really get to know him. You had a texting / online relationship. Newsflash those "relationships" are mostly fantasy.

  • Most men worth it run away from less then super sexy hot super rich super clever and super quick women, dear. that is just life get used to it. don't even question it, all the best ones will run away from you to hot perfect girls. ugly poor fat dumbass slow moving slow thinking slow acting girls men will not even give you the time of day. the best thing you can do is just write the hottest guys off your list and put them in the "Out of Bounds for You" category and just ignore them because they will ignore most women who are just average nice homely sweet generous girls and women who like flowers and church and modesty and cooking and health. Hot guys with brains will always go for hot rich tall super catwalk models who are rich and super clever as well. you just need to accept this. if they were a suit and tie and are a professional or pilot or police or doctor etc and nice and good looking they will run from you because your just too genuine and nice homebody christain girl. no man wants that. they want hot s** and hot movers. who know how to get everything they want and they love super b****** even if they are ugly if they are rich and clever they will settle for less but most times they like the full package. hon, just see yourself as out of their league and get over it. pretend you don't have emotions and you have no genitals and no heart or needs. that is the way the rest of us have to go through life. rich beautiful people get more love, more friends and men and babies and b******* and more h*** and more everything more jobs and money and more of everything most of the rest of the world don't. be grateful your not them.

  • Someone sounds alittle bitter

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