Scared of children

I'm a 49 year old woman and feel extremely nervous around young children, especially toddlers, and have spent my life avoiding them. I feel very guilty, ashamed and sad, and a freak of nature. I missed my neices and nephews growing up, and now I am a great aunt the whole cycle is repeating itself. I can't talk to anyone about it. I don't know anyone with my phobia - even Googling it didn't bring up any results. I am being tested for Asperger's soon, I hope it's positive as it might be a reason or at least an excuse I can use. There's certainly something wrong with me!

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  • Children are overrated, to say the least. While you may have an issue that needs looking at, do not look at yourself as "broken", that never helps. Find peace and accept that you're not part of the child worship cult that seems to have taken over. That's a GOOD thing for you!

  • There is nothing wrong with you...Tell me how many times did you tried to face this fears of yours ?...I mean look onto the positive side....a child [innocent,adorable,exquisite,cute and much more]...I believe carry one of them ,let them play with your chicks and look into those innocent will feel good...or If was able to understand the real problem than I am sorry...good luck

  • I'm afraid to even look at a child after an incident that happened to me in 2008. I was at a restaurant and bar one night when I saw a small girl in a mans arms(I assume her father) and the reason I was looking at her is because I thought she looked exactly like my first cousins little girl and even though the man holding her and the woman with him was not her parents they looked a lot like my cousins inlaws who could possibly be babysitting the child. I was debating with myself whether to ask them or not (I had had five beers) or let it go. I let it go because I was tipsy.

    In the meantime, the manager who was the owner's son and a bartender saw me looking at the small girl. They had a look of righteous anger on their faces and the manager kicked me out of the bar telling me that if I ever came back to his restaurant they would refuse to serve me.

    That was ten years ago and since that experience, I avoid even looking at a child and I will not drink alcohol in an establishment that allows children to enter the restaurant.

  • Bad news is that it sounds like you have a bonafide phobia; probably social phobia at the core. Good news is that phobias are some of the easiest to treat mental illnesses. Find a therapist and have them take you through desensitization therapy. Basically, you have to expose yourself through successively increasing levels of interaction with children. After a short time you should be free of your phobia.

  • +1 Internet Point for you. Nailed it.

  • So sad to hear. I've not had a phobia so I can't really relate but my heart goes out to you.

    I wonder why?
    And what?

    Is it fear of breaking them?
    Or being accused of abuse?
    I wonder who to talk to. I suspect in this world there will be someone.

  • Agreed bless her heart and i suffer with disorders..

  • Why hun...

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