A married Co worker use to give me BJ's and her husband knew

I got a bj from a married Co worker she is a lot older than me in her late 30's or early 40's and I was 19 at the time and one time her husband didn't come to pick her up after her shift.

So I offered her a ride home and she accepted. So on our way to her house she offered to give me a bj so we pulled into a park and she gave me a bj in the parking lot.

After she finished we got back on the road to go drop her off and she got a call and she started telling her husband that she is getting a ride from a guy Co worker and that she had to suck his d*** for a ride. I dropped her off and that was it . She continued giving me BJ's on our breaks in her car and she had a picture of her and her husband on the dashboard. I started to think that maybe her husband was giving her a hall pass or liked that she was out giving head.

Does anyone know if this type of behavior in married older couples is normal?

May 8, 2018

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  • Yes. I love my wife so I gave her a permanent hall pass. Told her I didn't care who or when.

  • My wife has the same!

  • Does she tell you about any times? For s** talk?

  • At my very first job there was a very sexy s*** that worked the morning shift and omg what she wouldn't do. She had a bf that she was with for years and my buddy and I would make her suck us off everywhere in that place even one time she had my dik in the back of her throat while her bf was parked outside waiting for her. So many wonderful stories with her. But I always thought he knew about what she was doing or who she was doing because if he didn't oh man

  • I wouldn't consider it to be normal but some couples get off on it. I worked for construction company who's secretary was an older woman in her 50s. On the weekends she would clean the offices for extra cash. One Saturday I was returning the company truck after working out of town all week. I went into the office to drop the keys off and all my receipts . There is Linda in shorts and a tank top on her hands and knees picking up a bunch of papers she knocked off the desk. I had the prefect view down her top , she asked if I liked what i saw pulling her top out further away from her t***. We ended up in the back office with her shirt off sucking my c***. She let me play with her t*** but wouldn't go further then giving me head. As we are getting ourselves together she has her phone out and calls her husband. When he answered the first thing out of her mouth was" honey don't be mad but one of the workers just came in and made me suck his c***." I didn't stay to hear the rest of the conversation but I'm sure it was probably a fetish he had.

  • Great benefits your job has! I want to apply if she's still working there.

  • Did you ever get her to give you head again? I wonder how many other guys she gave head to.

  • Yes over the years I worked there she sucked my c*** a few other times. It only ever happened when I came to the office on a Saturday while she was cleaning. During the week she was all business. Each time she sucked me she would always call her husband to tell him how a guy "Made" her suck his c***.I'm guessing they or he had fantasies of her being forced to give head.

  • Did she ever record or ask you to take any pictures of her sucking you so she can share with her hubby?

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