Spanked by my mom for hitchhiking when I was 19 years old!

My mom had always had a rule for all of her children that forbid us to hitchhike. She said if we did, no matter what age we might be, if she found out we hitchhiked the offender would, without question, go over her knee and get a good spanking! When I was in college I decided to hitch a ride when I needed. One of my brothers knew I had hitched a few rides. I really thought I would be exempt from mom's hitchhiking rule. My brother apparently mentioned to mom that I had hitched several rides, so when I went home for christmas break, mom asked me, "do you remember what I told you about a naughty boy hitchhiking and what would happen???" Then she asked, "now what do I have to do?" The only acceptable answer was "give me a spanking. I stated my case not to be spanked, but mom would not hear any of it. She sat down, patted her lap and said "over you go, young man." I went over mom's knee and she gave me 20 good swats! I had it coming because I did break her rule. Neither mom nor I ever told anyone about this spanking until I told my brother several months ago. So this was mine and mom's secret for over 50 years.

May 10, 2018

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  • You there and im haveing trouble with my daughter. Who i said damaged her foot and arm...

  • I have no complaints that my mom spanked me for hitchhiking. It was a long standing rule and I broke it. I needed to be spanked and I was!

  • Spanking in the nude is the best over your lap.

  • Good mom and we spank our children...

  • You're exactly right! I had a great mom and she delivered on her promise of a spanking if I hitchhiked. I had it coming, for sure!!!

  • Discipline when needed.

  • That is exactly what it was. I knowingly broke a rule that I knew would result in a spanking, and I did it anyway. I deserved to be spanked, and I was!

  • My mom spanked me over her knee every time she spanked. To this day, I still respect her for giving me a proper spanking whenever I needed to be spanked. Thank you mom, and I wish you could come back and turn me over your knee one more time!

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