Love and misunderstanding

I (woman) have been writing on two of the social networking sites. A man was very impressed with my writings however, he assumed the messages were from his current gf. He began to respond me even though I never responded him back since I know it wasn't for him. He made up his mind into proposing her for marriage but later found out from one of my latest posts that it wasn't her. He changed his mind into marrying his gf.

I wasn't at fault but I felt bad for his gf. I don't know when will people ever learn. Please don't assume things online. There's a reason why we have "anonymous" sites. Even if we recognize someone, there's a reason why the person wants to keep it anonymous. Otherwise they would've just told someone in person instead of wasting time online. Please think ten times before concluding an assumption. It leads to a major disappointment.

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  • When talking to anyone online, it is safer to think that every single person one has a beard. Until proven real.

  • Is that you Sandee?

  • Nope!

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