Has anyone here ever had moonshine?

I was up in North Georgia and there are several legal moonshine operations. The distillers have to pay money to the state and get a license to make their whiskey but the profits are worth the tax. The whiskey is tested to see if its clean and then they can sell it.

The moonshiners usually use corn to make their product and it tastes like H***. Its the worst tasting crap I have ever had to wade through. I'm not a distilled spirits fan anyway but Moonshine is horrible.

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  • A grandfather of one of my friends used to have a small still and made his own moonshine. That stuff would get you messed up if you weren't careful.He used to give us a pint once in a while and tell us "it was just for sippin if you want to drink, beer is for drinkin".

  • Camilla and meghan are a ugly user divorcee pair who have defrauded the world enough. give us a break from whores who can't keep a marriage together for gizards sake. would moonshining a**** like that save anyone but themselves? look their faces are hazing us everyday.

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