I Found Jesus of Nazareth!

After years of sinning, I finally found Jesus, Son of God, who died for our sins!

He was behind my sofa in all the dust, dirt, and dog hair having illicit s** with an underage boy and girl! They seemed to be enjoying it.

I threw him and the kids out to the curb with all the rest of my rotting garbage since today was trash day!

F*** jesus and all religion!

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  • That must have been some party, dude :D

  • I understand your frustration....but he is away from praise and insult....we are mere puppets in his hands.

  • I disagree. We are not puppets. We are free to sin and so we do

  • I agree. Free to sin but not free enough to determine the consequences of our actions.

  • Let's be clear. The concept of 'sin' is manufactured by Christianity. We do not need religion to have a sense of morality; of what is 'good' and what is 'bad'. Do not confuse that with the manufactured idea of 'sin'.

  • Yes u r right

  • I think that was your dad behind the couch

  • Excuse me. Typical blame others stuff. If you don't accept God then so be it but don't use that as an excuse.

  • Look to your own egregiously self-righteous tribe first, Chuckie. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  • He wasn't using God as an excuse, and that is the point !

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