I hate my life

I'm 20 now and I've been dealing with s*** all of my life
I've been bullied until I graduated from school, I've been emotionally and physically abused by my parents until I was 18 and left to go to school, And now I'm back in my parents house because there are no jobs available in my field now I'm working just above minimum wage barley getting by I'm ugly I just feel like everyone hates me and I wish I could get out of the situation I'm in.

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  • Life changes and evolves over time. You're only 20, like seriously, your life is only just beginning..change comes with time and you will find in 2, 5, 10, 20 years time your life will have changed dramatically every time. I used to feel like you when I was young,you feel like your life is over and can't see a way out but looking back over the last 25 years things changed in ways I never imagined, they may be mundane or exciting but things changed as what happens with life..also you find as you get older these feeling really go in the back burner..you may not think it now..it's hard to imagine but they eventually do and you become more peaceful when it comes to overwhelming feelings. It's all part of growth and development 'Maslows hierarchy of needs' read about that and you'll understand more about what point of life your at and reflect on how that's affecting you. Good luck...things will change I promise you that.

  • Bury the negative feelings.Concentrate on what skills you have and sell those skills to employers be confident.Keep on trying learn from mistakes you have made in interviews with future employment.
    Look at yourself in mirror and say you can do it.

  • Find a w**** start pounding her...might give u confidence that some one is beneath you

  • Keep looking for other opportunities that may pay more. Use your time to keep working on you and your skills. Keep your spirits up (Even when it's hard) exercise can help. One idea if you are just looking to get out, consider teaching English abroad. It may pay more than what you are getting now. It will get you out of your parents house and you can travel a liitle. But not sure if that would be your thing. Just a suggestion.

  • Perspective.

    It reads like you're never going to be happy and it's always someone else's fault. You could try taking a deep breath and just leaving the negativity and blame behind

  • Yes get more n more engaged with your job before old memories haunt you as you don't have a choice right now I believe....I am 30, jobless,frustrated but still living on hope that my time will come soon....

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