I can't stand your kid.

Seriously. You claim your kid so appreciative, sweet, polite, kind, but she's the opposite. She's spoiled, rude, unappreciative, loud, and never shuts up.

Seriously, you buy her so much stuff and she never uses any of it. How much does a 6 year old need? She doesn't appreciate anything she has because she never has to want for ANYTHING. Meanwhile, your debt continues to get bigger and bigger just because you buy her thigns whenever she asks because "she really wanted it".

For someone who complains about being on a strict budget, you think nothing about dropping almost a hundred dollars on a little play dress up outfit for her that she outgrew in 2 months and wore once. Or dropping $50 for a new bed set because she "was tired of the one she had." Etc, etc etc. Seriously. what kind of good do you think you're accomplishing?

Yes, I finally said it, I cannot stand your kid. It feels so good to get this off my chest.

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  • Leave. Who wants to deal with someone's baggage and the ex? Run. It's not your mess to clean up.

  • You are a f****** b****.. You want his d*** but dont want its outcome.. You are a d******..

  • This is my hobby.
    Well..... this and shooting little brats.

  • Let me guess... this is from someone who doesn't have a kid? I hope your glass house has some pretty thick f****** walls.... grow up and stop thinking you know everything about this person's life or their child. You're just another dumb childless b**** who thinks they know everything about how to raise a child. Well guess what? What this person does with their child is their own business, so go find a f****** hobby.

  • Let ME guess-- this comment was made by someone who can't be bothered to parent their fvck trophies? The bitterest screeds always come from breeders-not-parents who, sooner or later, WILL end up on YouTube as an example of how not to raise kids. Actual parents direct their energy to caring for and training their children. Whiners like you can't be bothered to look up from their screen long enough to mutter at their feral spawn to "stop that honey" for the 58th time, like that's effective. So thanks for outing yourself, potty mouth breeder! :D

  • Little brats like that shoud be shot.

  • God,I cannot stand people like yourself!Don't f****** date someone with a kid from a previous relationship if you can't handle it!You sound really mature not being able to stand a six year old!

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